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Five Ways to Turn Incredibly Simple Ideas Into Online Income

Simple ideas.

It’s a crazy fact that some of the SIMPLEST and easiest ideas to create and implement turn out to be the best little online income  sources.

Before I jump into that a few quick notes:

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online income | BarbLing1.  Look for Things That Remove a Step or Steps

Many of the greatest online income generators do the simplest of things — they remove one or more steps.   This is as close to a cookie cutter as you can get.

a.  Find something people already buy

b.  look for steps that can be eliminated, combined or simplified

c.  Make it happen and promote it hard!

Yesterday I was watching a video of a sales presentation where the big appeal was that with one click you could install a blog theme and all the plugins for it along with their settings.  I don’t know the numbers.  But I’m guessing the product creator has made 100k or more from that idea, either from direct sales or from the list built as a result of bringing in new buyers.

That’s a simple idea right?

Listen, it’s no big deal to install a blog and add in your plugins.  That probably takes all of 10 or 15 minutes.  But it’s so appealing and alluring to think, “Wow, I can do this in just ONE click!”  Great product.  Great idea. And evergreen seller.

I’ll give you another example. I pay $20 a month for software that imports my transactions from Paypal and creates a graph.  I can do the SAME thing and probably better using Excel.  All you do is log into Paypal, export a file, open in Excel, click a few buttons and done.  It takes 5 or 10 minutes.  Instead, though, I pay $20 a month for a solution where I click login and there it is.  That saves me about 10 or 20 clicks and 10 minutes.

Or how about this one:  How many apps for your iPad or Smart Phone have you downloaded that do something very simple?  All they do is simplify something you could have easily done anyway.  You may have even paid money for them.

Barb Ling is not only one of my top super incredible affiliates, but she has a number of products that remove steps.  For example, she came up with this way to get her sites ranking better in Google just by using social signals.  But now, she’s taking it even one step further.  She created a software program that creates her whole bonus page for affiliate promotions in 1 click! She hasn’t launched it as a  product yet but when she does, I predict it’ll be a hit.  People eat this kind of thing up like it’s candy!

Barbara is a  powerhouse that drives serious affiliate sales! What she does flat out works.


2.  Look for things that can be made visually appealing

I have a goal setting program here that is fancy and looks pretty.  But as for what it does, you can do the SAME thing in Excel, a spreadsheet, or a mindmapping programming.  All it does it make it look pretty!

You can buy a pair of $10 jeans or a pair of $200 designer jeans.  The only difference is in how they look.  People are willing to pay money for things that look good!

You can have a website designed for $50 or $5000.  For the most part, the difference in how the two sites look.  If you want to generate some online income streams for yourself, try this:

a.  Find something simple people love but is a bit “ugly” or plain

b.  Make a “pretty” version of it

3.  Look for things that AUTOMATE what people do manually

While similar to #1, the angle here is a bit different.  In #1, you remove a step or steps.  In #3 you automate the whole shebang.

When you think about it, this is what most software does.  It automates something that would have been a manual task.  The payoff (at least in theory) is it saves people time and money.

Keep your eyes and ears open for things people do manually that are a waste of time and energy.  Could you find a way to automate those tasks?  You could do this through technology or programming. Or simply start a “done-for-you” service that does it for people.

Here’s an example:  I can do my own refunds. But I have my assistant do them. Why?  Because you have to first log into paypal which takes time. Then you have to look the order up in Infusion and click about 5 or 6 buttons. Then you have to post back to the support ticket.

I could easily do those steps myself.  But instead, I just send a message to my assistant who does the SEQUENCE of STEPS.  I put that in all caps for the benefit of those in Level One recently.  (If you bought Level One in the past, it has been updated.  Go back through it).

For the Profit Planner, I created a software program that runs a whole series of numbers for you to spit out exactly how many visitors, sales, clicks, webinars and everything else you need to hit your income goal. In one click a whole slew of calculations are done for you based on sound averages and assumptions.

I’ll be buying a special plugin soon that automatically backs up my websites.  We already do it manually.  But isn’t it nicer to have it done automatically?

If you watch top selling products in the Internet marketing field, you’ll see a whole lot of them simply automate submitting things, filling out forms, or other tasks.  Here is one of the top offers on JV Zoo right now.  The appeal of it is that it automates the whole process for you.  THAT whole concept is a proven seller.

online income

 4.  Look for ideas that have a ONE new big benefit

You don’t have to invent a brand new category or incredibly innovative product.  A lot of times the best ideas just ADD ONE THING, one benefit.

A classic example of this was when Stephen Pierce came out with “The Whole Truth” a number of years ago.  The big difference of that product was simple:  It told “the whole truth!”  That’s the one thing the product hung its hat on.  Later on, I created a promotion for the Evergreen Traffic System, which built the whole pitch around 1 feature — EVERGREEN.  This was before “Evergreen Business System” came along.

How many products do you own that are just like something else EXCEPT that they are faster, simpler or easier?  In fact, sometimes the products are inferior in other ways.  But on the one thing — SPEED (easy or simplicity) they win hands down.

I think of they Dyson ball vacuum cleaner with the swiveling head.  Or how about those vacuum cleaners with the ad where the vacuum cleaner holds a bowling ball in the air through the power of suction?

You can take virtually ANY hot-selling product and find ONE THING about it to make faster, simpler or easier.  Of course, this one thing needs to be the 1 thing buyers care the most about!

I have a special mouse for my computer.

It’s inferior to other mice in the choice of buttons, looks, and other things.  But it has ONE benefit other mice don’t have — it’s freaking huge and fits my hand.  That’s the ONLY thing I care about in computer mice!

online income | Dennis BeckerMy friend and off-the-charts super affiliate, author and membership site expert Dennis Becker created a smash hit with his 1k a day membership.   He has ONE big benefit.  His membership focuses on an irresistible benefit:  Making 1k a day!

What about you?

Can you think of something you could create that you can add just ONE BIG BENEFIT to that the other products don’t have?  If you can, great.  If not, every night when you go to bed, pose that question to your subconscious mind and let it go to work for you to retrieve an answer while you’re sleeping!

You might just be shocked to find out you wake up with the answer!  Sometimes it’s as obvious as the nose on your face.

 5.  Give the buyer INSTANT gratification

There’s one thing you can bet on:  Given the choice of delayed vs. instant gratification, people will almost always choose instant.  Otherwise, everyone would use ovens instead of microwaves.

Can you take what ALREADY sells but find a way to virtually instantly deliver the benefit or result?

I don’t know why we’re all so wacko over instant gratification.  But there’s just something SO satisfying about clicking one stinking button in Photohsop and BOOM!  You have this drop dead graphic for use on your website.

Here’s an example from the Weekend Photoshop Miracle

instant photoshop results


I hope this sparks a few ideas in your mind.

I’ll close with a story I told at length in Book of Secrets. I have a friend named Cindy Cashman.  She became a millionaire off a book with all blank pages!  And she also cleaned up bigtime with easy-to-create joke books.  Cindy would be the first to tell you that a lot of times, your ideas need to be SIMPLER!

My favorite salad shop has people there who stick the salad and toppings in the bowl for you, saving that painful experience of having to move your arm yourself at other salad bars!  And for that, you pay a premium!

My friend and incredible write, publisher and super affiliate Paul Myers created a very cool product on mindmaps. And as part of it he gave people some pretty jaw dropping “done-for-you” mindmaps!  People loved them.


One of them was this massive mindmap that was practically a product and a whole education in and of itself.

But Paul didn’t include just one.  

He had multiple example mindmaps in there that were worth as much as the product itself.

That’s instant gratification.  Because even if you never made a mindmap yourself, you STILL got value from the mindmaps included in the product. By the way, Paul is an amazing writer.

His Wombats report is a classic.  If you want to learn to write better, got to and subscribe today! Or if you want to read what is probably the longest running, best written newsletter/ezine, subscribe.

Marlon Sanders

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