Why “Attraction Marketing” SUCKS Compared To My New “Projectile Marketing”

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globaldistributionAre you sick and tired of hearing about or trying attraction marketing?

With all due respect to Mike Dillard who I think very highly of, I think the concept SUCKS compared to MY concept of Projectile Marketing ™, which I explain on the video below.

Here’s why:

1.  Have you ever tried your best to do attraction marketing and found yourself just waiting and waiting and waiting for it to show up?

That’s my problem with it. It’s passive.  I can’t stand waiting. I hate it!  Plus, being a male, I really don’t relate that much to the whole “attract them and they will come concept.”

2.  Do you feel the need to take CONTROL and be able to PREDICT your results?

Well, with projectile marketing ™, it’s entirely different.

The concept is explained on the video below.

The main idea is that instead of sitting around twiddling your thumbs hoping and praying that someone shows up from your “attraction marketing” you say SCREW THAT and take action to MAKE it happen.  You do that by putting out marketing projectiles that contain your MARKETING MESSAGE.  Thus the name “projectile marketing.”

Video:  Why Attraction Marketing SUCKS compared to Projectile Marketing ™

Please WAIT a tad for the video to load.  Somehow I made the file size larger than normal today!

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I realize Attraction Marketing is a very popular concept.  But really, when you think about it, it’s a VERY passive metaphor, and one made to appeal to specifically to women. If you’re female, hey go for it.  But you STLL might want to embrace the idea of putting out projectiles that ATTRACT.  Or PROJECTING things that attract.

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10 comments on “Why “Attraction Marketing” SUCKS Compared To My New “Projectile Marketing”

  1. Video was cutting in & out, how do I find out more about Projectile Marketing?

    BTW, Nice shirt Marlon! Circa 60’s Gramma’s curtains? 🙂 Sure stands out against dark back drop though!

    • Jake there is a link belie the video to the youtube channel where it is posted. The shirt is a robert graham. I like his shirt designs but they are colorful.

  2. Projectile Marketing sounds great. A bit of a problem
    viewing video’s or utube due to a slow dialup that will
    be upgraded soon. In the mean time will due a search
    to find Projectile Marketing info in text format,

    • Jim,

      I woulda thought Youtube would work good. You can download it from Youtube and watch it that way. Normally my videos aren’t that large…I did something different on that one apparently and it made the file size larger.



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