Autoresponder Service — How To Choose The Best One?

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How Do You Select An Autoresponder Service?  Should You Be Using Aweber?  Getresponse?  1 Shopping Cart? iContact?  Or Something Else?

autoresponder serviceWhat’s REALLY important in choosing an autoresponder service?   There are a number of autoresponder services today.  And the list seems to keep growing.  All of that and more is on the featured video BELOW as well as in this blog post.  (You need to scroll down to see the video.)

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When you select an autoresponder service, you have a LOT of choices!  Over the years, I personally have used accounts with Aweber, Getresponse, Infusionsoft AND, which are all consider top autoresponder services.  YOU don’t need all those services.  But I’ve been in this business so long, I built up different lists on the different services for reasons I really can’t even remember now!

All you need is one good, solid bread-and-butter service.  You don’t even necessarily need the best autoresponder service when you’re starting out.  You need one that you can afford and that has unlimited autoresponders, which gives you room to grow.

Which Autoresponder Service Is For You?

If you want an all-in-one solution, I refer people to I’ve had my private label with them for longer than I can remember.  They have autoresponders, ad tracking, ecommerce, affiliate software and shopping cart — all rolled into one convenient monthly fee.  It’s a real money-saver.  I’ve also known Simon at since he first started Getresponse at age 19.  And I’ve also known Tom at Aweber for years and years.

1.  You need one that fits your budget — some offer a 30-day trial or a free trial up to X email addresses.

2.  You need an email marketing service that lets you do unlimited broadcasts without charging you more, or a very, very liberal policy where you’re unlikely to be charged more.

3.  You need an email marketing service that doesn’t put ads in your with your emails as some free autoresponder services do.  Most paid services will meet this criteria.

4.  If you’re just starting out and  need to pinch every penny, consider going with one of the services that lets you put 100 to 1,000 email addresses into the system for free.  That way you get your feet wet at no cost.

Video:  How to Choose An Autoresponder Service For Your Email Marketing

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4 comments on “Autoresponder Service — How To Choose The Best One?

  1. Good and timely stuff, Marlon,
    I was just given an ultimatum of sorts by my tech guy with a new project we are launching (not the online area business journal) who insisted that I (finally) get an autoresponder to go with the new project. He said I can no longer use age as an excuse!

    Warmest regards from a LONGtime fan,

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