Guerilla Marketing — How I to Promote Your Product, Service, Business, Book or Idea Using Low Cost Online Marketing Strategies

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Marlon here with a new Marlon’s Marketing Minute newsletter about Guerilla Marketing done online.  This is a very exciting issue!

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You’ve likely heard the term Guerilla Marketing ™.  I think that’s probably a trademark of J. Conrad Levinson, although I’m not sure.

Anyway, in this issue of Marlon’s Marketing Minute, I want to share low-cost online marketing strategies you can use to promote whatever is you HAVE to promote using Guerilla Marketing.

Guerilla marketing strategy one:  Focus on finding “responders” and following up with them

The first secret of direct response guerilla advertising is to find  out who the potential buyers or responders are and zero in on them with your follow-up marketing emails, direct mail or sms.

In the direct response marketing world, we call these ‘hand raisers.”  You get people to raise their hands and express interest. Then follow up with THEM!

One of my favorite examples is old school.  And it’s a prime example of creative guerrilla marketing.

There used to be a company many moons ago called Computer Business Services.  And they sent out thousands and thousands of 3 x 5 white postcards that said:

Headline:  How would you like to make $xxxx per month from your home with a computer?

Text:  You do not need to own, or know how to run a computer – we will provide free training.

Free cassettes and literature explain details. Call Toll Free:  xxxxxx

Here’s a picture:

guerilla marketing

Now, the bad news is they eventually got shut down because the postcard had a dollar amount on it of $4,000 a month.  The average buyer didn’t make $4,000 a month so they got shut down.  Which is sad to me, Because I had friends running very successful businesses with their system.  Unless it’s a franchise, the average buyer of ANY bizop isn’t going to make jack.  The fact is, as soon as people discover there is work involved and it’s not all easy, most people drop out.  Read into that whatever you want. It’s just a fact.

In any event, I thought the postcard was brilliant.  True, a direct mail letter would have pulled a higher percentage of leads and responses I believe.  But in this case, it just didn’t matter.  Once you called in, you were assigned a sales rep who would follow up with you over the phone.  And they sent you out a really wonderful full-blown direct mail package in a 9 x 12 full color envelope, with a 60 or 90 minute audio tape from the owner.

I heard the owner of that business speak at a seminar and he explained how they ran the business on his farm out of the barn!  It’s really a great story. But for our purposes here, let me spell it out:

1.  Low cost marketing strategy:  They mailed plain ol’ 3 x 5 white index cards with no graphics on them (just text) to mailing lists of buyers.   At the time, they mailed for .19 each.

2.  Those who responded were mailed a 9 x 12 full-blown direct mail kit.

3.  The leads were assigned to an inbound sales rep who followed up with them over the phone.

Do you see the SIMPLICITY of that?

1.   Mail thousands of low-cost postcards

2.  Do quality direct mail and phone follow up with the people who raise their hands

Largely in referring to me a few other “old school” marketers, people say things like, “What they teach is OUTDATED!”  My response to that is what is OUTDATED is THEIR understanding of direct response marketing.  Because it’s ALL based on generating a response then following up.

I don’t care WHAT you’re marketing.  Even if you sell Tshirts on Facebook, you’re:

1.  Generating a response — getting people to LIKE your fan page

2.  Following up — Making posts that get people to come back to the page

3.  Making offers — The banner ads you run for the Tshirts

Or what about selling BOOKS on Amazon?

Surely Marlon, what you teach doesn’t apply to that. I need NEW strategies!  And yes, there are many new things happening ALL the time and I’ll talk about one here in a second.  But the BASICS are the basics.  And what I believe is this:  If what you’re doing isn’t working, you need to go BACK to the basics, because you’re screwing up the fundamentals.

The beauty off Guerilla Marketing is that you don’t have to spend tons to make money. Because all you’re doing is running hand raisers that are LOW COST marketing strategies. Then you’re following up.  Get it?  In the old days, we called this two-step marketing, even though there are more than two steps involved.  You can follow up many times with your hand raisers.

Guerilla Marketing Strategy Two:  Combine the old with the NEW

I just showed you a method hold as the hills.  Let’s look at an example of how to combine the old with the new.

newsfeed1Can you see how this Facebook ad in the NEWSFEED is ESSENTIALLY the same EXACT METHOD as sending a POSTCARD to a direct mail list?  The only real difference is that in direct mail, you can send the postcard to lists of buyers.  With Facebook ads, unless you know how to “hack Facebook ads”  you’re running your ads to people without any proven purchasing history.  There is a way to do what is called “retargeting” where you BUYERS will see the ad in their newsfeed.

In the above, ad, I’m selling a PRODUCT.  I might ad that I’m not running this particular ad because Facebook freaked out over the number of website visitors and dollar sales.  Notice that unlike the postcard above I was talking about my OWN SALES.   I’m NOT a lawyer but I believe you’re allowed to talk about what you personally have done. In the future, though, I’m going to run ads without any dollar figures at all.

There are TWO APPROACHES to running these ads:

Approach 1:  You run the ad for a low-cost PAID product.  My Fast Start System is 40 or 50 bucks.

Approach 2:  Get the lead or the opt in, THEN make an offer

I talked to Charles Kirkland the other day and he’s running his Facebook ads going to an opt-in then to a $7 offer.  He told me he has sold 700 copies  at $7 via Facebook. Then there is a $197 offer to the people who buy the $7 item.

This is a BETTER approach in my opinion.

Do you follow the logic here?

Facebook Newsfeed Ad = SAME as  2-step postcard offering a free report

But Marlon, Direct Response Guerilla Marketing Won’t Work For MY Product, Service, Idea, Group or Organization

Here’s the TRUTH:   Direct response marketing has been working for every conceivable type of business, product, idea, service and organization since before EITHER of us was born, unless you’re 90+ years old.

I could even market a CITY, STATE or COUNTRY using direct response marketing.

1.  Find out WHO the likely movers to a city, state or country are

2.  Advertise a hand raiser

3.  Follow up with an irresistible offer

I would figure out that XYZ types of businesses have a BIG advantage in my city.  Then I’d target those businesses in surrounding states and run my free report newsfeed ads.  And that’s just one idea off the top of my head.  For $1,000 an hour, I come up with much better ideas in 1-on-1 consultations. So if you want ideas for how to come up with a hand raiser and advertise it in newsfeed ads, the price is $1000 and you can schedule here.

A friend of mine in Dallas owns an antique’s shop.


One time just for kicks I spent about $50 on a LITTLE right-hand side Facebook ad for her.  She sold a $5000 item from that one little ad.  By the way, if you’re ever in Dallas or Fort Worth, Duncanville is only like 20 minutes away.   She has the best antiques!   Amazing stuff.

Anyway, I got her using SMS messages to send TEXTS to her customers. That has worked well! That’s a bit of Guerilla Marketing that works gangbusters. And even the newest homebased business can do it as well as a Church, group, organization, non-profit or business of ANY sort!

With a little effort, she could have people sign permission for her to send them voice broadcasts also.

And you could even run Facebook Newsfeed ads in a 50-mile radius offering a free report on antique buying:  “The 10 secrets of buying antiques almost sure to go up in value that will be a classy addition to your  home or office.  Don’t get taken. Find out how to discover the real deal.”

Guerilla Marketing Strategy Three:  Add in the newest technology

While you’re running your ads and doing your two-step follow-up marketing or drip marketing, mix in the latest technology that can help you.

Here’s one you can use on your blog:

Last week I purchased a plugin that lets you use a BUTTON for your opt-in.  It looks like this:

guerilla marketing exampleThe COOL THING is that when you click the Download Free Report button, it THEN pops up the opt-in form.

optinpopupAccording to some of the split tests I’ve seen done, this increases subscribers or opt-ins. So far on my blog, it has.   If you want the name of the plugin, drop a comment below this article and I’ll email you the link.  Or, if I get 20 comments, I’ll post it on the blog here.

The REAL POINTS is not that you should use this plugin. Sometimes new technology like this works gangbusters at first but as it diffuses to the market and everyone starts using it, the results diminish.  Sometimes that happens very slowly. Sometimes it happens almost overnight.

All I’m saying is being “old school” does NOT mean you don’t use new technology or new marketing channels.

It DOES mean you test and track.  And it DOES mean that you keep your FOCUS on the basics — identifying a group of people with a want or problem, getting them to raise their hand for a freebie or relatively low cost iinitial offer, then following up like a madman or madwoman!


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The Road Not Taken

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim
Because it was grassy and wanted wear,
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I marked the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

Robert Frost

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23 comments on “Guerilla Marketing — How I to Promote Your Product, Service, Business, Book or Idea Using Low Cost Online Marketing Strategies

  1. Marlon, This is a great one, Your ideas are always refreshing. Your relating the old postcards to facebook ads is an act of ingenuity. Your are very resourceful. I’m also interested in the new two step optin (push download button) plugin.Thanks

  2. Marlon,
    I am new at MLM or MMM. I have attempted three home based business and they never worked too good. I wounder if I could get some help or advise on direct email and your online guerilla strategies. After you see my web site, please give me some advise or your software I can purchase.

    Henry R. Leggette

  3. I recall one marketer referring to the use of ‘Choc coated vegetables’ whereby people are drawn to hype, to flash, to flim flam…despite themselves, so in order to gain your sales you have coat your offers in the flashy garb of the ‘side show style marketers’ but actually give them truth, ethical offers. Human nature is a kicker, there is no getting past our tendencies so being aware of these marketing strategies is useful. Your methods are indeed ‘Evergreen’.

  4. Thanks for taking the time to create this newsletter. You’ve given me hope that my investment in FB advertising will succeed. Currently I’m spending $1.25/click and getting very few opt-ins using Newsfeed ads. What’s the name of the plugin..I remember receiving an email about it.

    • Herman,

      It depends on your business. But what seems to work is either the FB ad to a webinar sign up or to an opt in and LOW dollar entry product.


  5. Two step marketing is such a simple concept, so why don’t more people do it? And why haven’t I, for one, done it so far?

    Perhaps it’s fear of the unknown, of spending a certain amount of money on the paper, the printing, the postage, the list, and so on, before you can hope to get any return. And also the fear in the back of your mind as to whether you actually will get any return at all.

    I suppose it’s like riding a bike for the first time, or learning to swim. At some stage you have to take a “leap of faith”. Perhaps that’s easier for us as children to do than as adults, with all the hard knocks in our histories and the cynicism that they generate.

    Anyway, I’ve read so much of what you’ve written over the years, Marlon, without giving any value back, that it’s about time that I posted here to show my appreciation for your knowledge and experience in the field of online marketing.


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