6 Secrets to Make Sales Online

6 Secrets to Make Sales Online — Overcome Time Crunches, Overwhelm and Distractions and Zero In On the ONE Thing That Will Fatten Your Bank Account

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If you’re crunched for time, endlessly distracted, get a fraction done of what you plan, frustrated by lack of sales, or if you just want to get started on the RIGHT foot so you don’t chase rainbows, today’s newsletter will help you make sales online — ASAP!


Marlon here and BACK with another Marlon’s Marketing Minute issue to help you make sales online!

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As a teacher of Internet marketing, an Ambassador of the Gospel of Marketing, and one of the few remaining members of the “Old School”, I’m pretty much a lone voice in the wilderness about the topics you’ll be reading today.

You notice that every newsletter issue, I have the photo at the bottom of the man before two paths.  One is the Road Less Traveled.  This issue will give you insight into that.

What is it you’re EXCITED about or INTERESTED in today?  Is it selling T-Shirts on Facebook Fan Pages?  Is it selling physical products on Amazon that are dropshipped?  Is it publishing a bunch of books on Amazon?  Is it selling a big ticket coaching program over the phones?  Is it some seo trick that gets you to the top almost instantly?

Everywhere you turn, there are Facebook ads,  emails, webinars, and popups demanding your attention. They promise the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

To their credit, most are extremely enticing.  Better yet, you can hop on board for only 10 bucks.  As an interesting sidenote, I believe I only have 1 product I’ve ever done in that price range.  (I released it recently here.)

If you’re new, you don’t know which site, webinar, ad or claim to believe.

If you aren’t, then you’ve likely bought this, that and the other, each in turn promising more and sounding more enticing.   How do you sort through all of this and get on some kind of sound path that makes sense?

Secret One:  See through what is said to what is done

Make Sales Online Cartoon

You’ll notice that while every ad, offer or webinar CLAIMS you can or will make money doing whatever it is, when you really step back and analyze it, how is THAT person REALLY making their money?  What are they really doing?

Can you see BEYOND the hype to what is actually done?

The ANSWER is simple:  They created a very attractive OFFER for a product they created and are offering it to YOU!  In other words, they make their money the good ol’ fashioned way — by creating and selling products.  These might be WordPress plugins, software, a magical system, a training course or something else.

Just as an example, right now a hot offer teaches people how to sell T-Shirts using Facebook ads and fan pages.  And granted, some people are making sales doing that.  But chances are a year or two ago, those marketers were selling some other hot opportunity. And a year or two from now, it’ll be the NEXT big “Tipping Point” idea that catches on.

The ONLY CONSTANT is the creating of offers and selling them to the marketplace. Does that make sense?  This is the whole key if you want to make sales online.

To put it more bluntly, the only constant is selling stuff (training, software, courses, coaching, ebooks) on how to stack paper doing something ELSE other than by selling training, software, courses and coaching, which is the REAL business.

Secret Two:  Realize It’s ALL About The Basics of Direct Response Marketing — That is the ONLY game in town.

make sales online

Mr. Marketing Goat looks over the city desperately searching for a new GAME in town!

Take away the smoke.

Take away the mirrors.

Take away the fancy plugins, page builders, opt-in whatevers, squeeze page whatevers — just zap it all away.

What do you have left?

The SAME thing you’ve had for a hundred years or longer — the CORE is an understanding of how to use direct response marketing and two-step marketing to extend offers that people buy.

Now, plugins, squeeze pages, and the other TOOLS make it faster, simpler, or easier (sometimes).  For example, Optimize Press is a pretty darned cool WordPress theme and lets you quickly and easily build sales letter pages, squeeze pages (that get people to opt-in or subscribe to your email list).  Great tool.  Another tool a lot of marketers use right now is Lead Pages.

The point here is that those things are the ICING on the cake.   With a little training and education, you can create pages yourself.  ALL IT IS IS PAGES ON THE WEB.  All they do is create WORDS and PICTURES that look pleasing to the eye.

It’s STILL just pages on the web.

And get this.  Pages on the web don’t make sales online.  Nada.  Zilch.  Pages ALONE don’t do jack. It’s the words, pictures and video you put ON the pages that make the sales and “bring home the bacon.”

What makes you sales and fattens up your bank account is bringing in sales.  Which leads me to #3.

Secret Three:  It’s All About Making Sales Online

making sales onlineThat’s all.  That’s the big kahuna.

You have to understand the Game.  The Game is you find some hot, new, astounding-sounding thing people haven’t bought or done YET, and you sell THAT.  Why?  Because people ALREADY OWN the “old stuff.”  You can’t sell them yet ANOTHER course or training on how to create and sell ebooks because they already have bought ten of them and own resell rights to 4 of ’em and PLR rights to 7 more!

If you’re going to make sales online in today’s market, you have to come up with something NEW. A Fresh angle. A new widget, plugin, idea or thing people have NOT already bought yet.

Unfortunately, the new person comes into the market not understanding this.  Their big idea is a book on “how to lose weight!”  Now, in 1892 that was a NOVEL idea!  You could produce a book with that title and I bet it sold gangbusters.  But 359,999 books LATER, that title won’t hack it.   Which is why the shelves at your local bookstore and the Amazon best sellers list has weight loss books with every kind of crazy, off the wall ANGLE you can conceive of.

There’s the “why your wheat belly is making you fat” to the “organic, raw foods weight loss” to every other angle under the sun.

Here’s the formula to make sales online TODAY!

1.  Take a TIMELESS topic like weight loss

2.  Come up with a new angle

3.  Create a super hot sales message or “pitch” for it

4.  Promote the heck out of it

Secret Four:  The Simple Formula to Make Sales Online That Almost Never Fails


Having described mostly what things are NOT, let’s look at what works to make sales online right now, TODAY!

1.  Quit buying  instant solutions.

It’s a waste of time and money.  Five years you’ll look back at that junk on your hard drive and wonder what were you thinking?

2.  Consider SELLING instant solutions

Buying instant solutions is usually a total waste.  Selling them is a real goldmine.

3.  Understand that today the bar is higher on  “the pitch.”

If you’re not selling, your pitch has probably fallen behind the other offers and messages in the marketplace.  You do have to step up your Game.

4.  Learn to be prolific

8 things out of 10 don’t work or don’t work well.  Taking action is very uncomfortable.  The comfortable thing to do is to sit on the sofa, watch TV, eat bon bons and read the next offer that claims you can make a load of sales while watching TV and doing virtually no work.

The people who are the best at ATTRACTING sales and ATTRACTING money and using direct response marketing happen  to also be some of the most prolific. Yes, their personal output is high.  This is the truth.  I hesitate to even say things like  that.  I lose about 25% of my readers immediately when I say things like this.  I hate that.  Basically, I have to cut off my nose to spite my face. It costs me a lot of money and sales to tell you the truth.

Do you want it sugar coated or do you want the truth?  The truth is simple:  Learn to ENJOY being prolific.  Learn to ENJOY producing and promoting products.

Let me say that again:  The world changes when you learn to ENJOY being a prolific product producer and promoter.  Literally, I see people dump 5 to 8 years down the drain on ONE product and then wonder why things went bad on them!

Some people are Prolific Product Producers like Barbara Ling.  She just churns out products.  She’s amazing at it and loves it.  Others are Prolific Product Promoters.  They create one funnel and then promote the daylights out of it.  That can work also.  Typically that method involves selling a big ticket coaching program for $5,000 or $10,000.  You need to be really good at phone selling or have a system for it to pull that off.

One of my friends, Kevin Nations, invented a little system for doing that and sells it for 75k.

5.  The simple formula for making sales online that almost never fails

a.  Find out what people are buying right now

b.  Create your own unique version of it with an angle or a Unique Selling Proposition

c.  Package up a hard-hitting sales letter, video sales letter or webinar to promote it

d.  Pimp the heck out of it

I use the word Pimp in a GOOD meaning….In other words, hustle, promote, put energy into getting the people to buy the thing.  Stated differently, focus on selling it.

I KNOW you may not like the word SELLING or SALES.  Why?  Because NO kid in the 6th grade tells his teacher, “Yeah, when I grow up I want to sell stuff!”  It’s always about being a policeman or doctor or something else.

You may need to do a mental reframe of the word selling.  It’s really about offering value to people IN EXCESS of the money they give you.  It’s about helping people solve their problems and get what they want.

Zig Ziglar said you can get anything you want if you help enough others get what THEY want.

Secret Five:  It’s ALL about enjoying the act of CREATION, promotion and persuasion MORE than the dream of sitting on a beach doing nothing while money pours in

creating salesDid you ever notice that in those promotions that show the person on the beach with a laptop making bank, INSTEAD of enjoying themselves on the beach, they had to take a LAPTOP with them!  LOL.  That’s a LOT closer to the truth of it.

I say this from the standpoint of having done real “work” roughly 30 minutes to an hour a day for 12 or 13 years, making more than most. But I spent years preparing for that adventure.  It didn’t happen overnight. And, of course, I had employees who created products and made promotions.

At the same time, if you learn to love marketing, and you create a proper lead generation and conversion machine, the above dream  actually CAN be a reality. No doubt about it.  With that said, in truth I probably worked less longer than anyone I know for the amount of money I made.

If you have a job right now, or a dream, all I’m trying to say is that instead of searching for the instant fix, the easy solution, the hottest, latest greatest easy way to get that fantasy paycheck in the next 12 months, why not get smart.

Why not spend that time learning the NON sexy things in online marketing that actually MATTER and last?

1.  Learn to write sales copy and create offers and messages that sell

There is something that will ALWAYS product results for you, LONG after the latest, greatest fad has come and gone.

2.  Learn to generate leads using free reports or free, enticing offers

This is how people generated leads for business for the past 100 years.  It won’t stop working anytime soon.  But don’t take it for granted. There are a LOT of nuances to creating offers that attract the right crowd, getting that offer in front of the right eyeballs, then following up on those  leads, subscribers or opt-ins in a way that makes sales.

The old school folks like myself call it a “hand raiser.” You get the ones interested to raise their hands.

What I’ve noticed is that the best and most talented marketers put the MOST SKILLS and effort UPFRONT!  It’s the initial thing that attracts people into your marketing funnel.    So instead of saying, “Oh, I already know how to do that.  I got a squeeze page (as crappy as it might be)” say something like, “This is a vital skill to learn and really MASTER.”

3.  Learn to follow up with your “hand raisers”

Whether you do a sales letter, video sales letter, webinar or phone call, you need to excel at turning leads into buyers.

You don’t need a new plugin for it.

You don’t need 99% of the things being sold today.

What you need is some old time understanding of features, benefits and sales psychology.  If you’re NEW to the business, you might want to learn to do a good teleseminar, webinar or video sales letter.

a.  You won’t have to worry so much about graphics, which is a bit of a learning curve or a tad pricey to outsource for high quality ones

b.  You can produce it FASTER than you can a sales letter

c.  You shorten your learning curve

Having said that, I’m a writer so I prefer sales letters.  For the new person, I think they just aren’t as easy.  It’s a lot bigger learning curve.  Plus, it’s easier to sell a larger ticket with a webinar.

Secret Six:  Diagnose Where YOUR Own Personal “Gap” Is

a. Do you know your target market?  If not, THAT is your gap.  To make sales online, you MUST know who those sales are going to come from and how and where to find them!

b.  Do you know what your target market wants and is currently buying?  If not, that is your gap.

c.  Do you have an entry level offer?

Do you have a free report email capture page that gets AT LEAST 30% to opt in?  If not, that is your gap?  Or do you have an entry level, low-priced product that sells gangbusters?

d.  Do you have a Killer Sales Message formula that is working for you and getting people to BUY?  If not, conversions are your gap.

e.  Do you have a system for creating your own products rapidly?  If not, that is your gap.

f.  Do you have an email marketing system that reaches your folks on your list and brings in sales?  If not, that is your gap.

g. Do you have a traffic-getting method that is working for you?  If not, that is your gap.

POST YOUR GAP IN COMMENTS BELOW!  Let me know where YOU are at right now.

The Exciting Conclusion Wherein I State It All In a NUTSHELL

make sales in nutshellHere you go:

At the risk of using a potty mouth word to most people, I’ll use the word SALES or SELLING.  Keep in mind this simply means finding out what people ALREADY want and giving them a darned good reason to buy it from YOU!

If you’re new to the business or off track and need to get back ON track, here are your steps:

1.  Be a prolific producer of products and promotions

Get ’em made.  Get a checklist where you can do it over and over.  Get your system or process down pat.  Get your templates made.

2.   Generate leads using a “hand raiser”

Don’t take this lightly or for granted.  Do the best ones you can. And given time, split test them (test one vs. the other to see which works best).

3.  See through what people SAY they do to what they REALLY DO

They say you need to do this, that or the other.  All the while, what they’re DOING is selling YOU a course on how to do it.

I don’t criticize this.  They’re selling what people want to buy.  We could debate how to do that ethically.  But the short version here is “go and do thou likewise” AND “do no harm.”  Just keep in mind, the real profits are in making sales online of whatever.  Just whatever.  Find something you get excited about producing and promoting where there is a group of people JUST as excited about BUYING it.

Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders


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