Two Tips You Can Use Immediately to Get New Product Ideas

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BrightIdeasa321Where and how do you get new product ideas for your Internet marketing business?

In today’s video, I’ll be giving you two tips you can use immediately.  Plus, I’ll turn you onto a book you can use to turn on those creative juices to come up with hot new product ideas people buy like hotcakes.

In the video, you’ll see a picture of a book on creativity by the famous creativity expert Alex Osborn.  It’s an oldie but goodie.  My tips on getting hot product ideas for from it.

How To Immediately Increase Your Quantity and Quality of New Product Ideas

Alex has a boatload of fantastic suggestions on generating ideas for any purpose.  But the two I give in the video are ones you can use immediately without any further training needed.  Also, Alex has a number of books, but I like the one best that I show on the video.    If you need new product ideas and follow the suggestions in my video and in the book, you’ll be very surprised by your results.

By  that I mean you’ll see an immediate result.

On the video, pay special attention when I give the example from affiliate marketing.  Of course, you can use these methods to get new ideas for almost anything.  So don’t think this only applies to online marketing.  The methods work for about anything in business or in your personal life for that matter.

Video:  Two Tips You Can Use Immediately to Get New Product Ideas

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I presented two ideas on the video.  Why don’t you try using one of them today?  I bet anything you’re surprised by the results you get.

Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders

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7 comments on “Two Tips You Can Use Immediately to Get New Product Ideas

  1. Good actionable ideas. Sometimes we tend to over complicate things when the best approach is really simplicity! These two tips if implemented can help get the creative juices flowing & dramatically increase your productivity.

  2. Hell yeah bro! I run a used bookstore and while retailing books is getting harder each day I think there is a fortune in books still! You can read three books on any topic and become an authority and write your own book, write a blog or make a video training or whatever!


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