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Do You Have Your
2014 Plan Yet?


Marlon here.

It may sound a tad outrageous…

But stick with me and in a second I’ll show you the secret 5-minute daily planning ritual that is a whole new way to rocket your Internet income to as much as $8333 a month.

Everyone knows that only 20% of the things you do make you 80% of your sales and profits.
Which is why so many experts, authorities, high achievers and rich people use and endorse planners, goal setting and focusing on your 20% activities.

And rightly so.

No doubt about it.  Using ANY PLANNER for just 30 minutes a week is going to get you results.  100%.  No doubt about it.  I don’t care if it’s a two-bit planner from your local office supply or one of those high-end fancy jobs.

They all work …. to a degree.  It just makes sense.  Instead of jumping around like a jack rabbit, you focus on a few things that get results.  Instead of chasing bright and shiny objects, you do the few things with huge payoffs.

But there are a few flies in the ointment….

These planners don’t work NEARLY as good as they could.


There are 7 reasons actually:

Problem 1:   Traditional planners aren’t for marketers….at all.  So there’s absolutely ZERO focus on your sales or profits.

You do NOT start each week KNOWING how much money you will make that week

Problem 2:  Traditional planners only give you a “grab bag” list of things to do. These could be anything from washing your cousin’s car to getting rid of the weeds in your yard.

There’s NO online marketing focus – at all!

No wonder it’s so easy to zip through your week then look back and realize you didn’t accomplish anything other than checking out a bunch of websites and chatting on Facebook!

Problem 3:  Most people know if they make sales or not. The problem is they have no clue how much money that means over the next 30 days.  So they don’t know how much to spend on “buying customers.”

This is why you may have felt confused, overwhelmed or frustrated with Internet marketing!  It’s because you didn’t have the right number to work with.

Problem 4:  Traditional planners normally give you a page to put your laundry list of a billion things “to do.”  You feel frustrated.  Overwhelmed.  Confused.

Problem 5:  Traditional planners just have a list of “to do’s” and that’s about it.   They have nothing that helps you as an online entrepreneur plan your profits.

Problem 6: With traditional planners, you have this longer and longer list of things to do with almost no results to show for it.

Pretty soon you just STOP, because you feel like “what’s the use?”  Where is this getting me? At the end of the year, you look back at your planner. You have a bunch of tasks crossed off and whole bunch more that aren’t crossed off.

You feel depressed, like a failure.

Instead of feeling like that, it’s just easier to NOT use the planner!  At least that way you don’t feel like crap at the end of another year on the treadmill with little to show for it.

Problem 7:  You have too many decisions to make and no way to know which ones are right and which are wrong.

You feel like you’re on an island by yourself with no MAP!

I Remember The DEPRESSING Feeling When I Stared
At My Master List In My Planner And There
Were Over 70 Items On IT!

What a terribly depressed feeling I had.

I’d spent probably $150 or $200 tricking out one of those fancy planners.

I’d even bought the training and been through it. Trying hard as I could I glazed at that list and my mind just swirled with overwhelm.

How in the WORLD was I EVER going to get all those 70 things done?

There HAD to be a better way to make money happen. This week and every week.   And I knew that 70-item master list wasn’t it!

Well, over the years I’ve bought all kinds of planners and systems. And tried a number of different things myself.

I was like a mad scientist creating different systems, forms and sheets.

Often the greatest breakthroughs come after a great deal of trial and error.  One day, in a flash I CHANGED THE GAME.

I realized ORDINARY planners had it all wrong.  What I needed was something 100% designed for me as an online marketer, web entrepreneur and info product seller.

Then I realized coaches, consultants, Amazon sellers, Facebook marketers would ALL benefit in un-thought of ways using this WHOLE NEW 5-Minute Daily Ritual Planning System!

If you’re ready to SOLVE ALL 7 of the above problems once and for all, then I’ve prepared a new report for of all, it’s free to you if you get it right now before I place it on Amazon and begin charging for it.

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