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You get 50% on Options 1, 2 and 3, not including shipping + many of the back end products, including the OTO!

That's right. As soon as your customer orders, they're added to a back end system that delivers them a wealth of bonus goodies, and gives you an extra 30 chances for sales.If you purchase the product, you make 50% commissions on whatever option you purchased beginning with the first sale. So if you bought Option One, you make commissions on all 3 options. If you bought Option 3, you make 50% on it with the first sale. We, of course, don't pay commissions on your own purchase.

If you do NOT buy the product, you make commissions beginning with your FOURTH sale. This is a SALES requirment, not a purchase requirement. In addition to the commission on each sale, EVERY customer is added to the "back end sales system" which means you get an additional 30+ chances to make extra sales.

Here are Some Promo Tools You Can Use

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Step 2: Change YOUR-ID to your affiliate code. Example: ms772772

I also have a PDF you can publish on your BLOG or just send to your list via an affilliate link. This is the one where I break down the Book of Secrets sales letter. It's an easy way to make some sales. Here is the link you use. Just add your ID: