Marlon here.

Although we may have never met, the fact that you’re reading this letter right now tells me something about you….

You have a hunger for success in the Info Product Marketing Business….

We share that in common.

Back in 1978, before some of my customers were even born, I drew out a plan on a big piece of cardboard and stared at it daily….I wanted travel, speak, write a newsletter, sell info products and do consulting.

I’ve lived a charmed life and been truly blessed. I’ve done all that a lot more as an Info Product Marketer.  If you want proof of those statements, or to know more about my credibility, you can view it here.

I’ve developed a Formula for success in the Info Product Marketing business quite different and distinct from how most others do it.  Here are the advantages of it for you and why you might want to learn about it:

Long Term Track Record

The model stands the test of time, which means you won’t flush your money and time down the toilet learning something that flat out won’t work 6 months from now

I’ve been doing this full time since 1996.  Notice I said full time.  So many things taught today won’t last and work even 6 months from now.  And that’s what you’re betting your future, your dreams, your travel and your retirement on?  Good luck with that one.

Trades Products For Dollars, NOT Time

The model trades products for dollars instead of your time, which means that if you don’t work the money still comes in.  It’s relative passive income.

I see an awful lot of models today that all depend on YOU doing phone consultations, live webinars, live training, live this and live that.

I don’t criticize those people. I admire them.  But like my dad, I tend to be a little high strung and some nights just don’t sleep well. I could never depend on doing too many things live because what if I didn’t sleep worth a wooden nickel the night before? 

As a result, I was FORCED to develop a model that traded products for dollars instead of my time.  At least dominantly and primarily. I dread the thought of a business where if I don’t show up, the money doesn’t show up either.  My model has relative passive income.  It’s not 100% passive.  But there is a passive element to it.

From obscurity to fame

My model raised me from total and complete obscurity, just like you’re probably starting from, to what some people would call fame and fortune as an info product marketer

No one knew me. I was nobody.  One year I earned $7500 the whole year.  While I did pretty much rocket to fame and what a lot of people would call fortune overnight on the heels of a huge hit product, there was a lot that went into my preparing for that moment. It wasn’t all a bed of roses. But what is?

Limited time: only $7.00

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Best Wishes,
Marlon Sanders

P.S. If you need support, have problems ordering please go to www.getyoursupport.com



"I've learned so much from you, 
that I've shaved years off my learning curve!"

Marlon, you always seem to be a few giant steps ahead of everyone else. It's uncanny. Your intuitive Internet marketing products and superb affiliate program make you the leader of the pack. I've learned so much from you, that I've shaved years off my learning curve.

You're an inspiration to marketers everywhere.

Rick De Lima

"Marlon's easy to follow programs are 
packed to the brim
 with solid, non-fluffy, 
hard hitting information"

Marlon is an absolute genius! He flawlessly combines knowledge and motivation to give you an unbeatable package that will literally make you an online superstar!

I've spent over $6,000 dollars on websites alone and they are not profitable to say the least... I didn't know I was getting short changed in so many ways, that is until Marlon came along.

Marlon's easy to follow programs are packed to the brim with solid, non-fluffy, hard hitting information. And he has tied in the crux of human psychology into everything that he had done.

With Marlon, motivation is not a problem, skill is not a problem, the only problem you will have is learning the hard way if you don't go Marlon's way!

The message is simple, if you want SUCCESS NOW then you need Marlon. If you want SUCCESS EASIER! Then you need Marlon.

Hoe Bing Lo,

"I'm red-hot pleased and super-satisfied..."

Marlon! Your product is all meat and no fat! You really know how to cut to the chase!

Gary Pajor
Colchester, CT

"Marlon Sanders does a great job minimizing the hype"

He puts it right out there in plain, simple English. He makes it clear that the biggest obstacle to making serious money is the fact that most of us will take NO action. But if you take action on the program he lays out, you will make serious money. But if you sit at home, wondering if this thing is any good, you'll be missing out on a solid formula that has absolutely been proven successful.

Blair Hornbuckle
Rochester, NY


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