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The Promo Dashboard

Do you have 12 days and under a 100 bucks?

If you do, then you can feel the power…

Let me explain…

One time I was speaking at a seminar in New York City. Great place. And my friends Jonathan Mizel, Declan Dunn and I were out on the town. All of our businesses had money rolling in like clockwork.

We walked past this ATM machine. Jonathan joked that THAT was what our business was like — “Cash On Demand!” And you know what?

He was right.

You can FEEL the power for yourself in 12 days…more on that shortly. But first, let me ask you a question…

If you got a $5,000 check in the mail, would you forget about it? I mean, what’s your honest answer?

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Ockham’s Razor Marketing System

Twelve years ago I had several ebooks.

The sales trickled into my bank account like a leaky faucet. Then one day I stumbled upon a marketing secret that few know or understand even to this day.

Overnight, it turned a trickle into a $150,000 cash cow. And it didn’t do it just once. It didn’t do it just two or three times.

Instead, it did it over and over to the tune of 29 times. This is my actual track record, not hype and theory.

With this system, you have the real potential to extract up to 5 Supersized Bonus Jackpots per month from your ebooks, podcasts, teleseminar recordings and other info products.

You can do this with your OWN products or even PLR or affiliate products. Of course, you’ll have bigger paydays with your own products.

The Red Factor

It’s called the “RF8 Matrix.”

And what it gives you is virtual X-Ray vision in your target market. So you can see beyond the confusing mix of products, offers and web sites and find the low-hanging fruit in virtually any market.

Let me explain:

The problem in target markets is there’s often so much going on, so many ebooks, courses, cd’s, dvd’s, and so forth being offered by a variety of vendors, sellers and marketers, that you can’t see the forest for the trees.

In other words, you KNOW there’s money to be made in there somewhere. You’re just not sure WHERE!

The Amazing Formula

Whether you want to get your business up and running, get more traffic to your web site, convert more browsers into buyers and sell more of your products or services online (or offline in) then listen up!

After 8 straight years with thousands of buyers in virtually every major city in the world and countless endorsements from major marketers the world over…

After hundreds of marketers and products have come and gone… after malicious attacks by one of the world’s most notorious spammers…after multiple attempts to put it under… after countless attempts to “copy” the website… there’s ONE product that has stood the test of time.

It’s called “The Amazing Formula” and 8 years later, it’s still selling products like crazy for folks around the world!