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 the true story of 46,000 people making money from bizarre, obscure niches

$161,413 a month with a political comedy podcast… $70,000 a month from psychology content … $65,879 a month from Summertime Saga … $44,000 a month from content on how stuff works … $88,590 a month with videos about Flagrant 2 … $65,338/mo. with anti-pedophile podcast … $42,388 a month from random videos on crazy stuff …. $34,000 a month from a crime podcast …. or even $300 a month sending out a daily Christian email…

And that’s the TIP of the iceberg.

From: Marlon Sanders


People are making up to $161,000 a month with content on every bizarre, obscure and crazy niche you can imagine or think of.

The facts are 46,000 people are doing it.  It’s estimated they make $315 to $1,575 a month on average.

And 34 earn over $150,000 a month.

This is a revolution.

I mean, in the old days we taught niche marketing.

But we NEVER in our wildest dreams thought of things like this.

If you have an interest, almost ANY kind of an interest, there’s quite possibly a way to cash in on it….

And maybe for much more than you imagine.  Or maybe a great side hustle.

Whether you want that side hustle or you want to pull down big bucks, the research I’ve uncovered … blows my mind

Here are Some More of the Crazy, Bizarre
Odd Ways People Are Making Money

Not everyone makes big money of course.

But I found MANY people making as little as $40, $100, $500  or $1,000 a month doing what they LOVE and enjoy.

I mean, here’s 1 person making $$300+ a month making the “hoodie of the month” for a very small group of people.


A lot of people work really awful or boring part timejobs to make $300 a month.

Instead, this person makes a few hoodies. 


Here’s someone making up to $62,000 a month from fantasy football content.

People are going bonkers over it. 

How about this person?

They’re making $249+ up to $2,000 a month with content on being VEGAN!

They currently have 199 customers paying for their monthly content.

Here’s a guy bringing in $346+ a month with a Christian Email Service.

How about this?  A podcast about Buffy the freaking Vampire Slayer is making $7,000 to $18,000 per month!

I kid you not.

Can you believe that?

How about $4,520 a month showing people how to create miniature art, and drawing and painting?

Yeah, I know, right?

 A LOT of people could quit their sucky jobs for that one.

How about making $411 a month doing photography videos, tutorials and such?

Here’s a dude making $350 a month just doing content on fitness and self improvement.  He has 16 clients at $125 a month.  So it’s the ultimate side hustle.

What could you do with an extra $350 a month?

Here’s another good one:  A guy making $450 a month from content about pastoral care.  

Or another person doing $505 to $1k+ a month with videos about Jesus.

Here’s someone who is learning Muay Thai fighting who has 1,600 customers and $1500 a month recurring income. This is NOT a fighting expert.

This is just someone LEARNING Muay Thai fighting.

And here’s people making $8,000 or so a month doing content on beatmaking, music reviews and videos about living in China.

And if you want, I can show you the EXACT sites and the people doing it. And you can see HOW they're doing it with your own eyes.

Would You Like Access To My
Research Report That Contains
LINKS and Deep Dive Info?

If you’d like to investigate this, get the actual RESEARCH on every case example, access to all 46,000 people doing it, and a lot more information, then I’ve created a to-the-point investigative research report.

It gives you LINKS to the actual people and pages.

It gives you more in-depth info.

It shows you where to find all 46,000 people who are doing this. 


I mean, I have NOT even scratched the surface of all the people making money every month doing this!

It’s 46,000 people.

Now, I don’t know the average income of all.  But I found an estimate that it’s in the $315 to $1575 across all people.

But as you can see from the above, many do much, much better than that.

From games to podcasts to writing to comics to adult games and video to music – there’s people making money every month from almost literally everything under the sun!

I’ll provide links to more RESOURCES and inexpensive “how to” info if you want to pursue doing this for one of your own highly specialized interests.

If you’d like to get my research report, just click the button below.


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