Information product marketing tips for success

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 Watch The Video Below To Discover 3 information product marketing tips for success!

information product marketing tips for success

Here’s what you’ll feel like after you follow my 3 Internet Marketing Tips to Increase Sales!

In this blog post, I’ll be giving you 3 information product marketing tips for success you can use right away to increase sales.

All three tips  are on the video, but here’s a simple one:  Increase the contact frequency with your list.  In my case, I send out frequent notices of my new blog posts and videos.  But sometimes I mail offers.  Others do a lot of webinars.

If you’re looking for affiliate Internet marketing tips, here’s a great one:  Connie Green, one of my super affiliates, sends an email every day with a charming story and links to several affiliate products with bonuses.  What I’m saying is, there’s no right or wrong way to do the emails. The common denominator is that they all involve a high frequency of mailing and usually a high degree of value.

In my case, the value are blog posts.  In Connie’s case, the value is her quaint stories and killer bonuses.  For those who do lots of webinars, the trainings often deliver value, even if you aren’t interested in the pitch.  In terms of information product marketing tips for success, that’s one of the best ones i can give you  — communicate!  And when you communicate, bring some value.

but wait, I’m not done. I have more information product marketing tip for success. And this one is NOT on the video below — Use bonuses with deadlines.  You know how I posted a video yesterday about goal setting? I talked about Pat Hiban’s Goal Setting method where he set a goal, a deadline and did affirmations?   Well, the same idea works in your emails and on your web pages or blogs.  If you sell affiliate products, offer a free bonus if they buy before the deadline, then affirm the sale by posting the receipt so you can give them their bonus!  Clever, eh?

You’re going to here a name that is a blast from the past — Herman Holz.  You’re going to learn what the #1 biggest obstacle to success is. You’ll learn the #1 key.

Video:  3 information product marketing tips for success

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