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Marketing Gurus Exposed

Have you ever wondered how you can see through the smoke and mirrors of marketing gurus and see the truth for yourself?  Is such a thing even possible?smokeandmirrorssmall

Watch the video below to hear me explain the big secret of seeing through what is said to what is done.  I’ll give you a few quick tips here:

1.  Instead of doing a stupid thing like unsubscribing from lists, set up an email address or two that you use to collect offers.  This is fantastic because it allows you to see if what someone says matches what they do.

Not only that, if you want to research a person’s offers, subject lines, webinars or videos, it’s all there at your fingertips.  This is another kind of swipe file that I keep.

2.  Do a little quick ‘n dirty research using that swipe file

For example, when you see that person show the super fancy flow chart of their marketing funnel system, go back into their emails and see if that is indeed what they do. More often than not, they do what everyone else does which is mail offers.

This actually happened some time back.  An Internet marketing “guru” was selling a whole elaborate system for “setting up a marketing funnel.”  But when I researched it, they didn’t follow hardly a thing in their system during the past year’s worth of emails!

I say I make my living creating and selling information training products, which I do. I also have a fantastic client I do work for and get passive income and residuals from doing so.  And I get passive income from some affiliate offers I promote.

Marketing Gurus Exposed — How To See Through The Smoke and Mirrors and Know The Truth

3.  All marketing gurus are selling something, which is as it should be.  But make sure that what they’re selling adds up to what they do.

For example, you may see Internet marketing gurus saying they get all their website traffic via organic search methods. But if you research it, you find out they have 50,000 links to their site. Something doesn’t add up!

4.  Do your homework but don’t be overly skeptical

There’s a difference between doing your research and being smart and being overly skeptical. Your email swipe files really are your friend.

Video:  Marketing Gurus Exposed

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  1. Hello Marlon, I’ve been looking at your different opportunities and I want to stay with you as I’m tired of wasting money I really don’t have tryna make it online. I found you when I googled How do I create my own product and I saw you have an opportunity that can help me with this. Also, i saw that to begin making money while I create my own product I can become an affiliate for your different opportunities/businesses. I never had a coach to show me the ropes and I’m tired of living check to check and barely making it that way and I know that just like others have become financially and debt free living the life we all deserve that I can do it too. So I’m just going to focus on you and what you have to offer as you have everything I need to learn and succeed,
    online. I want to begin bloggin but I need to know how to begin.

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