Online Entrepreneurship: 3 Steps To Going Full Time As An Info Product Marketer


Online Entrepreneurship
Marlon’s Marketing Minute

June 28, 204

Do you want to go full time as an info product marketing and attain the pinnacle of successful online entrepreneurship?


Marlon here.

And today I reveal a few choice secrets of successful online entrepreneurship.

I’ve been a full-timer since as as long as I can remember. 1996 I believe it was. I’m bringing up this topic because Herman posted this:


Here are my top 3 secrets to help you go full time.  I’m NOT addressing these things specifically to Herman.  So it isn’t personal to him.  I DID think he asked a GREAT question that I think a LOT of people are likely asking.  And I thought it’d be a fantastic topic for a newsletter.

1. Every Day Continually Expand, Increase and Improve The Things That Put New Customers Into Your Marketing Sequence

Online blogging is NOT the business.  It’s simply one PART of  the bigger picture.  You SHOULD be increasing, expanding and growing your visitors and traffic if you’re blogging frequently. If not, it’s time to change HOW you’re blogging, how you’re choosing your topics, and what your plan is for growing the blog. It isn’t working.  But blog marketing is only a SMALL part of the big picture of what it takes to go from part time to full time.

As you know, there are only TWO numbers that matter in this business:

a.  The number of new customers you put into your Marketing Sequence each week

b.  How much they spend with you over a period of time

Some people call it their marketing funnel.  Back in 1997 or 1998, something like that, I wrote about the Twister Marketing Funnel that sucks up cash!   Here are a few questions to determine if you’re on the path to successful online entrepreneurship and leaving your job to become a full-time info product marketer.

— Are you constantly focused every day on increasing and expanding that number?

— Do you make a list of your top 10 injections for each month?

— Are around 3 of those injections focused on things you’ll do THAT month to increase the number of customers you put into your funnel as a regular, ongoing process?

— Do you take those top 10 injections and insert them into your weekly schedule religiously?

There are many ways to succeed at online entrepreneurship.  You don’t have to be as structured as I’ve described above. However, if things aren’t working and you aren’t regularly increasing your number of new customers going into your funnel, the thing to do is get your FOCUS back to the basics.  Structure helps support you in doing that.

The real thing is this:  Are you constantly and incessantly focused on and doing things to grow, increase and expand your new customers and the rate at which you bring new customers into your business? That’s what is going to determine whether you’re successful at online entrepreneurship over the long haul or not.

Are You Aware Of This Hidden Enemy That Could Be Stealing Your Entrepreneurial Dreams From You?

online entrepreneurship

Every Day Is a Battle Between You and Entropy.   If You Win More Days Than You Lose, You Grow and Expand

What that means is that every day entropy works to tear down your info product business or online marketing business.  When you’re asleep, it’s at work.  When you’re awake, it’s at work.  At the end of your life, ENTROPY WINS.    You can’t beat it forever.  Sooner or later, it wins.  My dad is old now.  Most of his life, every day, he beat entropy.   But someday before too long, entropy puts a single stick in the WON column. And it won’t be erased.  Now, depending on your religious beliefs, that’s significant or not.  I’m just pointing out that as far as our time here on earth, in the end, entropy wins.

In the meantime, you get to kick it in the tail end.  And the way you do that is via the application of energy.  This is the secret elixir of highly successful online entrepreneurship.  And it’s the method by which online entrepreneurs and info product marketers get successful and STAY successful.

It’s also the key to go from part time to FULL TIME in your online business.  How?  By expending the energy it takes to BEAT the crap out of ENTROPY.  Every day is a battle between a man and entropy.  Some days you win. Some days entropy wins.  If you win a lot more days then entropy wins, you GROW and EXPAND.

 If entropy kicks you in the tail end more days than you win, then ENTROPY wins and you contract.

I know this may sound a little harsh or tough.  It is.  But it’s also true.  And it’s NOT just you.  It’s ME.  It’s everyone I know.  Some days we win.   Some days we lose.  Every morning it’s a new day.  Your past success does NOT guarantee you of beating entropy today.  Only your actions today guarantee you beat entropy today. The same thing goes for your health.  Your health 10 years from now will be a reflection of whether or not you beat entropy concerning your health TODAY.  If you keep stuffing your pie hole with incredibly unhealthy food and entropy wins that day.  Let that happen day after day and 10 years from now entropy will start posting it’s wins on your stomach, knees, cholesterol, veins and every other part of your body, including your brain.

An information entrepreneur, online marketer or info product seller has one job every day:  To BEAT the crap out of entropy.  The challenge as an online entrepreneur is to look at that computer in front of your face and instead of getting distracted and chasing endless rabbits and succumb to entropy that day, to make it cry for relief from the ruthless armlock you put it in as you slammed it down to the mat (to use a mixed martial arts analogy).

Step One To Success In Online Entrepreneurship Is To Continually Add More New Customers To Your Marketing Funnel and Keep Increasing The Rate At Which You Do That

There are tons  of things you can focus on every day in business.  You can focus on TV.  You can focus on things that bring you mental ESCAPE and tension relief.  Nothing wrong with that.  But if you do that too much in the day,  you can mark your ENTROPY CHART as losing that day to entropy.

What does that mean?

That means instead of YOU doing things THAT day that will get your more new customers and increase their value as you SERVE more customers and expand your VALUE to others and your value to the marketplace, it means that THAT day, you LOST.

You did other “pressing” things that grabbed your attention away from  you.  Yes, you DO have to do maintenance activities.  They’re part of overcoming entropy also.  But usually, what sucked up your time wasn’t maintenance. It was mental escape.  Doing things that didn’t cause any tension.

There is a certain amount of tension in pursuing goals.  Because there is a GAP between where you are right now, today, and where you WANT to be.  The only way you increase the money you have is by helping more people, increasing the value you create for them, and thus the slice of that value you get paid for doing it.

This is the path less traveled. But it is the real path. The true path to enduring financial success.

The PROBLEM most of us have, myself included, is that we reach COMFORT ZONES.  The hardest thing to handle is success.   Why?  Because having worked our buns off to beat the crap out of entropy, we figure we deserve a rest.  And we rest. Then rest some more. Then rest some more.

One day entropy catches up.  It’s a relentless competitor that will never stop until you say your final goodbye.  Your competitors may be fat, dumb and stupid (if you’re lucky).  But entropy isn’t.  Not now.  Not yesterday. Not ever.

2. Every Day Continually Expand, Increase and Improve The Systems That Create Value For Your Customers and Siphon Off a Sliver Of That Value To Yourself

The other day I read the most RIDICULOUS thread on Facebook.  Someone posted about what it would take to increase their income to X amount.  The whole thread immediately turned SOUTH as people debated whether more money bought you happiness.  And was it a moral thing to do.

Money doesn’t do anything to you.  It’s  just a medium you can use to exchange for things. Having it does reduce stress a bit. But happiness is a largely separate issue.  If your goal is NOT to have money, that’s fine. But realize you can have money and be happy.  They are different things.

Money is a measure of how much PERCEIVED VALUE you provide to others and GET PAID for.  You can provide a truckload of value and have issues inside your head where somehow you feel BAD for getting paid for your value. So you provide value but don’t get paid for it.

That absolutely happens.  In fact, it happens a lot.

Sales is the art of getting PAID for the value you provide and getting people to PERCEIVE the value you provide.

Every day in your career in online entrepreneurship, you face distractions.  The insidious force of entropy TRICKS YOU into escaping tension and doing things that are easy and cause no tension.  Tension equals a sort of mental or emotional pain because it contains the IDEA of NOT succeeding.  And often, we associate that to failure and having no value.  In order to avoid that IDEA and that FEELING, we don’t get paid for the value we provide.

Not only that, we focus on ACTIVITIES that are tension relieving. And as such, we don’t focus DAILY on doing the things that INCREASE CUSTOMER VALUE and increase the PERCEIVED VALUE customers have of the value we provide.

Sometimes our competitors do a lot better job of communicating the INFERIOR VALUE they provide!  So they have inferior value to us.  But UNLIKE us, they may have no qualms about using persuasion skills to get others to PERCEIVE the value they’re offering.

Thus, they get paid for their info products.

We don’t.

So we go to Facebook or forums or call friends and complain about all the hyper competition.   But like most things in business, it comes back to us. It comes back to us and entropy.  Did we take control most days and win?  Did we take the ACTIONS we know DARNED WELL will increase our customer value.

In my lingo, I call taking these actions or doing these activities INJECTIONS because they are specifically related to increasing customer value or the number of new customers.  These things are the bread and butter of online information entrepreneurs.

I KNOW this sounds a little harsh.   But here’s the thing:   When you are driven by your VISION of what you want and your DREAM, it’s a GAME to overcome entropy.  It’s something you get the biggest rush of ADRENALIN doing BECAUSE you know it’s a challenge in a Game worth playing!

Life certainly is boring.  You play the Game every day.  And you score points every day.  If you make an effort, most days you WIN!

Where Is The Internet Lifestyle In All This?

Marlon, all this talk of a daily battle (or Game, whatever metaphor you want to use) vs. entropy sounds like work.  Where’s the Internet Lifestyle and autopilot and passive income?

Those things come AFTER you win the daily Game vs. Entropy.  At a certain point, a body in motion tends to stay in motion. Then you install one or more full or part time virtual assistants who help you stay ahead of and BEAT entropy. I NEVER said you gotta do it all yourself!  You don’t.

Initially, though, you usually do. You have to learn how to create info products, ebooks, Amazon books, sales webinars, sales letters, blog  posts, etc.   Then you document it and hire assistants to run those activities on an ongoing basis.  It’s hard to hire others to do it until YOU yourself have done it enough to succeed with it.  Otherwise, it’s hard to manage others doing it.

3. What It Takes To Go From Part Time To Full Time As An Online Entrepreneur

It’s simple math.

It takes money.

And money is the result of the simplest equation in the world.  Any 7 year old can work this math problem:

# of new customers x $ per customer in 60 days

It’s the easiest darned thing in the WORLD to be very, very busy every day doing lots of stuff that does precious little to increase your number of new customers and  your dollars per customer by virtue of providing ever increasing perceived value to them (that is, value they perceive getting vs. invisible value they don’t know they’re getting, appreciate or pay for).

When you work at home, your family may not respect or value your time. So during work hours they interrupt you all the time, ask you to run errands, want you to paint the house, cut the weeds, take the kids somewhere, go shopping, take a 2-hour lunch or whatever.

Or this happens to you in the evening when you come home from work and try to focus on your business.  But they aren’t to blame. It’s about YOU taking control and deciding what YOU want and what you will or will not accept.

If you set a goal to increase your # of new customers continually and you REALLY honest to God FOCUS on that goal every day and take ACTIONS and do ACTIVITIES to increase that number, it WILL increase.

Now, along with that, here are some realities.

As  an info product entrepreneur, you’ve got to get your systems down pat and CRANK OUT products.  You’ve got to do it.  I DO have friends with marketing systems dialed in where they don’t HAVE to create new product.s  But you know what?  They still do.  You know why?  Entropy.  They know that one day it may catch up to them if they snooze too long.

In between those trips and time off, you better be hustling.   Because even if your competitors aren’t, entropy IS.

So you want to go full time?

What injections did you plan for THIS MONT to increase your number of new customers.  Did you have a weekly meeting where you inserted those injections INTO your week?

Then each day did you focus on DOING those injections or activities?  Or did you seek out tension-relieving activities?  I personally love going to coffee shops and reading.  Sometimes that is an entropy beating activity.  I believe STRONGLY that feeding your brain is a key activity to increase your ability to get new customers and provide value to them and get paid for that value.

But sometimes it’s an ESCAPE or tension-relieving activity. Only you know which it is.

Facebook can be a DELIBERATE new customer building activity where you interact very strategically with people you CHOOSE to interact with.  It can be PROACTIVE.  Or it can be REACTIVE where you just respond to any junk or people who PASSIVELY show up in your newsfeed.

What I’m saying in a round about way is the KEY to going full time is being PROACTIVE vs. PASSIVE.

Then beyond that, it’s being PROACTIVE about the 2 things that matter:  Getting new customer and making them worth more and more to you because of the value you help create for them!  The METHODS you use to do those two things are far less relevant than the daily FOCUS.

It’s like Les Brown said in one of the greatest all time motivational speeches:  YOU GOTTA BE HUNGRY.

That means me.  It means you. It means anyone who succeeds and KEEPS SUCCEEDING and overcomes the trap of success.  Every day you gotta be hungry to beat entropy.  You gotta be hungry and determined to KEEP EXPANDING.

You either EXPAND, Grow and beat entropy.

Or entropy whips your tail end until it’s blister red.  And you die broke.

You gotta get products created, developed and marketed.  And you have to do so with VELOCITY.

Sometimes you have to re-evaluate your MARKET and your BUYERS.  Are they really passionate buyers?  Or do they really not care that much for what you sell?  In Amazing Formula, I call this the HTM or Hungry Target Market.

Do you have a FUNNEL of BERC (Back End Repeat Cycle) products?  As an online entrpreneur and info product marketer, you should have products at 197 or 297, maybe $500, maybe $1000.  Man can’t live on bread alone. Nor will ever become full time on  under $100 products.  Or it’s typically very hard.

Have you gotten REALLY, REALLY good at pitching and selling what  it is you have to pitch?  At the end of the day, all we do is sell stuff.

Either you’re really darned good at selling to your market.  Or you aren’t.

If you aren’t, then it’s your job to overcome entropy every day and every day, day in and day out, get BETTER at it and IMPROVE.

One day you’ll celebrate because you kicked the living crap out of entropy and now you can SELL to your market with a vengeance. Which is another way of saying you not ONLY provide great value to them but you get them to PERCEIVE it and PAY YOU for it.

Anyone, and I do mean ANYONE can give crap away for free or almost cheap.

I’ve heard people brag about very high conversion rates on sales letters as though they’re a copywriting genius.  And my thought is, “Yeah and try raising your price to $97 or $297. THEN we’ll see if you’re a genius or not.”

You gotta BELIEVE in the value you create.

You have to create packages of value we call information products.

You’ve gotta get people to PERCEIVE that value.

And you gotta get PAID for that value.

Otherwise, you’re not embracing the CREATIVE TENSION involved in actually getting people to RESPECT your value, PERCEIVE it and fork over money for it.  Which mark my words is the ONLY WAY they’ll ever RESPECT the information and do JACK with it.

This is why people have a billion products on their hard drive they never read or barely read and did even less with.  The price didn’t cause them to respect the information nor the value offered to them.  There’s NOTHING wrong with selling $7 or $10 or $17 entry-level products.  But if that is MOSTLY what you create and sell, there’s a problem. And it’s why you’re not full time yet.

I don’t care if someone has an MBA in Entrepreneurship Online.  Or they have a Certificate in Entrepreneurship Online. I just don’t care.  That person is NOT above the laws of online entrepreneuership.  NONE of us are, and that includes me. It includes all my best and most successful friends in the business.

Every day you either whip entropy or it whips you.

You either put plans, processes, activities or procedures in place to get new customers or you don’t.

You either create plans, processes, sequences, injections or procedures in place to increase the value of your customers and how much they pay you, or you don’t.

You expand and increase the VALUE you provide to the market or you don’t.

I just gave you Marlon’s short form version of an MBA in Online Entrepreneurship!

And now you also know what it takes to go from part time to full time.

Lots of products created.

Systems for doing so.

Lots of products being sold.

Systems for doing so.

Getting really good at selling.

And, at some point, you add a part time assistant. Then a full-time one.  Next you add a customer support person.  Then you add someone who helps you create products or promotions or both.

If you want to have a PLANNER that helps you IMPLEMENT all of the above, you can still order one here.

Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders

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The Road Not Taken

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I shall be telling this with a sigh
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Robert Frost

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