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How to Get Traffic To Your Blog Or Website?

how to get trafficThe number one question people have is how to get traffic to a website or blog!

On the video below, I share 3 precise tips that helped me get over 2 million visitors using my affiliate program, as measured by Web Trends Live.  By the way, the visitors are DOCUMENTED at and also in the product there.

There are 3 basic ways you get traffic to your blog or website:

1.  Organic traffic from the search engines.

The biggest tip I can give you here is that Google Webmasters is your best friend.  No seriously.  It’s awesome.  I’m also a becoming a big believer in steady, consistent content.

2.  Paid traffic

This includes pay-per-click from Google Adwords or Bing, Facebook and other services.  One of the most awesome paid advertising methods you can use is called retargeting.  And if you don’t know much about it, I’ll be posting another video on it.

Retargeting means that you can show your ads to your best customers as they surf around the Internet or log into Facebook. Some of my friends are just crushing it with retargeting right now.

3.  Affiliate program

This is where I’ve gotten the vast majority of my traffic.  If you want to know how to get traffic and you’re a newbie, I feel this is a GREAT place to start.  You don’t have to worry about burning a hole in your pocket while you’re learning how to run paid ads correctly, which is a definite learning curve for newbies.  With an affiliate program, you ONLY pay after the sale is made.

I’ve gotten so much traffic via my affiliate program, it’s crazy.  For a number years I was ranked as a top 10 affiliate program by  If you’ve been asking, “How do I get traffic to my website for FREE” then you have two choices:  organic traffic or your own affiliate program.  Organic traffic takes a six month to year commitment, and maybe longer.  Which is why I recommend the affiliate program.

 Video:  How to Get Traffic

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12 thoughts on “How to Get Traffic To Your Blog Or Website?”

  1. Tireponyman /Cecil whorton

    Hello Marlon Sir,
    You don’t look any older than you were in 2002. Just wanted to thank you for your past help and your products that “rock !!”. I am re-launching my marketing and need my affiliate code and a little more time to blast off. What you have sent me has been very helpful and thank you so very much for all your help.
    working on 5 blogs and

    1. Hi,

      Well, the photo in the header is old and I do plan on getting a new one…Most all the other photos on the site are current as, of course, are the videos. Good luck on your blogs.

  2. Your post, good stuff, but you other pradicts make success a lot easyer to reaching goals with less work.
    You made it so that so and so can work toward there goals with less trial and air. I know this to be truth, thank you.

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  5. Marlon, Your talk is full of good suggestions as usual but I didn’t understand what you mean by “With an affiliate program, you ONLY pay after the sale is made.”


    1. Hi Fran,

      If an affiliate advertises one of my products, I pay them a commission AFTER the sale is made. You can do the same. This is called having an “affiliate program.”

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