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From: Marlon Sanders
Location: San Antonio, Texas


Marlon here.

Whether you market an ebook, product, service, Amazon book, group, Church, organization, idea or concept, there are 1,000 ways to do it wrong...

... and only a few ways to get it right.

You can buy hundreds of products, chase endless rabbits, pursue 1,000 dead ends... can get a proven formula from someone who has already been there and done that, year after year, and can boil it down to a system you can be up and running with 5 hours from now.

Today it ends.

Today is the day you STOP spending all your money on products that produce poor or no results.

Today is the day you STOP spending all your money on the newest, latest "bright and shiny object" that one year from now will be out-of-date, broken and obsolete.

Today is the day you STOP spending money OUT on the latest, greatest things that don't work and get started with the few that are tested and proven...

Who Is This Training For?

If you market books on Amazon, coaching, PLR products, Kindle books, info products, ideas, a group or organization, a business, affiliate products,a cause, a city, state or  even a country or political movement, and obviously a product or service, then absolutely THIS TRAINING IS FOR YOU! In fact, more than that.  It's vital for your success now and in the next 12 months.

There are 3 Reasons
Why I've Decided To Teach This
...and What My Qualifications Are

Reason One: For 7 years, more or less, I lived what I call the 30-minute workday.

Here's a joke I tell my friends with a bit of truth in it: I read that book the Four Hour Work Week. It's really good. Only thing is, I realized that if I applied it, I'd have to work another 3 hours a week!

Really, most days I had about 30 minutes or sometimes an hour of "real work" to do. Everything else happened like clockwork. I see a lot of marketers now claiming to have been in this business since 1996, or 1998.

Which is fine. The thing I have that other marketers don't during all those years is a record of sales of $20,000, $30,000, $40,000 and $50,000 a month, month after month, year after year beginning in 1998, and significant online sales before that.

I wasn't on the internet. I was SELLING on the Internet. And that's a huge difference. And not only that, I lived the lifestyle working from home for most of that time. I didn't get an office until a few years ago and even now, I've gone back to my "virtual" office.

I have lived the 30-minute workday for many years and created dozens of systems over that time period.

Reason Two: I've been producing, creating, promoting and selling info products since BEFORE the world wide web existed.

You can go all the way back to the AOL and Compuserve days. You can go back BEFORE digitally delivered products existed and my garage had manuals and tapes stacked high.

I've created, produced and promoted dozens of products, sent out hundreds, if not thousands, of emails. Obtained over 250,000 subscribers. I've been there and done that. And will share with you how YOU can make the exciting transition from being a learner to a DOER, from consuming to promoting.

Reason Three: I've done more things right and also made more mistakes than most

You often don't learn until you make mistakes. So I've been on both sides of the coin. I've done more things right than most and made more mistakes more than most.

So I know what to do and what not to do.

There is unconscious incompetence, conscious incompetence, unconscious comptence and conscious competence.

Today is the day you go from unconscious incompetence to conscious competence. And it starts here. It starts with becoming a producer and a promoter of products. It starts with finding the Creator inside of you and STOP making excuses for why it can't be done and start finding reasons it CAN be done.

That's a change that happens in your brain.

And that's a change that has to happen. There are those non-producers who find an endless stream of reasons it can't be done, why it's not the right time, day or month, reasons it won't work for them.

And there are producers who simply decide to get it done and find reasons they CAN make it work.

Are you going to spend the rest of your life as a consumer or a producer? Today is the day you find out the answer to that question.

Announcing My Fast Start Training For Newbies, Or Those Who Haven't Really Got Going Yet, Are Stuck In Mud or Need a Jolt of Motivation

I've had MANY people ask me on the support desk, Marlon, what do have for the beginner to start out with? 

And while I have products that are very, very good. I didn't have one that just really nailed that need.

I finally decided to create a course specifically for newbies and/or those who haven't made their first sales online yet.

I say it's for newbies but do NOT mistake this for poor quality content you'd get in the most basic PLR product. Don't get me wrong. This is 100% original, forward-thinking information based on winning and succeeding right now, today, in hyper-competitive markets.

This is veteran, experienced, hardcore, 100% workable, 100% reality-based, no hype training that will get put you the real, true path to success in marketing.

Here's how it works: I've hosted 5 training events called The Fast Start System. My sessions last 60 minutes more or less, and you receive a copy of the AUDIO Recording of each session along with video when applicable.

Now, these sessions have the benefits of a seminar, except you attend over the Internet instead of in person, so you save the hotel, airfare and hassle.

If you respond before the deadline below, you also receive screen capture videos where you actually SEE me breaking stuff down on my computer screen, JUST LIKE you were right in my office sitting in a chair right in front of me.

This is FAR BEYOND a webinar. This is "over-the-shoulder" training, and are my way of rewarding "serious" people who are action takers.

Now, 5 sessions will be be your traditional webinars. So you get it ALL. Because on the bonus videos, you'll see my computer screen, hear my voice and unlike being at a live seminar, you don't have to hunt me down in the hall on breaks.

The reason I'm using the "over-the-shoulder" AND webinar format is my customers get the best results with it. For this class, an ebook just won't do it. I needed to be able to go in depth into concepts, as well as show things on my computer screen.

And not only that, when you hear my voice, it delivers the proper emotion behind different sentences. And you feel like you're right there with me. Finally, the webinar lets me SHOW YOU the systems. You just can't do this in a PDF.

There are two BIG benefits of my "over-the-shoulder" and webinar format:

BENEFIT #1: The classes are provided to you in audio AND on video, so you get to watch it at your leisure, zeroing in specifically on any parts that you want to review.

What's more, you can snag the audio, stick it on your mp3 player or Ipod and listen to it while walking, working, jogging, or running errands.

BENEFIT #2: Here's the best part:

You'll get instant access to the course material, so you can start RIGHT NOW. Not tomorrow, next week or next month.

Here Are Five Good Reasons To Say Yes
To Your New and Very Exciting Future
as an Internet Marketer

1. You get step-by-step, "over-the-shoulder" instructions that shows how I've rolled out successful products year after year

If you act right now, so you get the bonuses, you'll get over-the-shoulder videos that show you what to do and how to do it -- in addition to the 5 webinars.

2. You get in-depth webinars that cover what you must know

Over-the-shoulder videos are great. But you also need the "Big Picture." Most newbies (and sometimes intermediate people) don't have the benefit of experience. This means they can't see the big picture. Which is like being Captain of a Ship without a map or destination. That's why you also get 5 in-depth webinars.

3. You get a huge bonus PDF that contains everything I taught a new employee who "just didn't get it yet".

This is a fast immersion in all the basic concepts it's absolutely critical you know as a newbie.

4. You get the EXACT template this page was created with

Just replace my text with yours. Or use it as a guideline in creating your own page. You'll get a professionally looking page without spending a lot of money on a designer. I'll show you how to get your own header graphic designed for $5. After 7 days, you'll receive a short follow-up survey. As my way of saying thanks for taking the survey, you'll get a copy of the exact sales page template you're seeing now.

5. You'll have unlimited access to ALL course materials at once.

NO waiting week by week for the lessons to be held. Everything is instantly available 24/7.

You'll get videos, templates and example step-by-step processes that you can use immediately to start producing and promoting!

Here's Just a Blow-By-Blow
Breakdown Of What You'll Discover
in the Fast Start System!

Get a baptism by fire in Internet marketing. 

Get inoculated against the constant HYPE, come ons, rip offs and the incessant stream of pitches in your email box and Facebook news feed. Can you handle the truth? Find out...

I'll peel back the curtains and reveal the hyper-competitive Game being played in the Guru business.  You'll quickly see what to pay attention to and what to ignore.

Why no one sells products, services, groups, organizations or anything you THINK you sell. See clearly for the first time what you REALLY sell and why you're at risk if you don't understand the current market.

What hyper-competition is and why you must understand it clearly -- even if you're a newbie or haven't sold anything to anyone yet.

Discover the truth about DISRUPTION in 2014, and why it effects any business, product, service, idea or cause. What it is, how it works, and, more importantly, can anything be done about it?

Find out my 8-step process for thriving in the midst of hyper competition.

Why everyone is trying to turn you, your business, service, products or ideas into commodities -- and what to do about it!

Who are the disrupters, why are they disrupting things, why they want to disrupt you, your ideas, your products, your services, your group or organization and what, if anything, can be done about it? Is there a way to disrupt the disrupters?

Is the Marlon Sanders System unique and different? Or is it the same old, same old, rehashed, regurgitated stuff you've learned in WSO's for $7? The proof is in the pudding.

What do I have to say that's DIFFERENT from other trainings?

A LOT of people only care about making a buck. So they're going to sell their soul to the devil in exchange for a fat commission. I hate to say that but it's a fact.

By the same token, MOST newbies courses are by people who are "just over newbie!" They've never sold 1 million online, not to mention 2, 3, 4, 5 and beyond! I pull back the curtain and give you the big picture of how it's done year after year.

Module #2: Direct Response Marketing Reloaded

Why marketers will try to convince you this module is obsolete, not unique and irrelevant. And why direct response marketing proves them wrong on every count. What it is, why it works, how it works, why it's the key to marketing your product, service, idea, business, group, organization, location, city, state, country or anything else.!

What direct response marketing really is, and why it's 100% timely, relevant, effective and powerful for WHATEVER you're marketing -- right now today. This very minute. Regardless of what anyone (including "experts" and authorities) may say or imply.

Why direct response marketing has worked for 100 years, continues to work and will work for you, your business, products, services, group or organization -- no matter what the naysayers assert.

Why direct response marketing is the key to not only making your first dollars online, but also promoting any product, idea, service, cause group or organization.

How do you troubleshoot a direct response system if it's not working?

Why it's very hard for a properly structured 2-step marketing campaign NOT to work

Can direct response marketing create income streams? If so, how?

What's the truth about the Internet marketing lifestyle? Does it exist? Is it a lie or a myth? Or are people who say that it does NOT exist selling you a bill of goods?

How could you build a whole entire business around a simple direct response process?

Why TJ Rohleder calls the "front end" a necessary evil!

What do I have to say that's DIFFERENT from other trainings?

Oddly enough, you don't really hear people talking about much about direct response marketing any more. People want to tag it as "old hat," "irrelevant," "too basic," or "obsolete."

Yet, the know how to properly execute it is one of the few things you can spend money on today that will virtually be guaranteed to have more value to your life 5 years from now than it does. And I'm the one person coming to you that explains what it is, how it works and how to make it work for you -- right now, today, no matter what you market.

Module #3:Secrets of creating and communicating winning Value Equations

Day three is where I open up a whole new world to you. I don't care if you're trying to get your son, daughter or friend a job, get a raise, get new members for your group or organization, start an Internet business, grow a business, market a sports team or even run for political office -- your success or failure depends on having a WINNING VALUE EQUATION and communicating it.

What are Value Equations and why do you say they determine the success or failure of ANYTHING you're selling or marketing?

Can you give me an example of a winning Value Equation?

What is the massive difference between a unique selling proposition and the Value Equation (They aren't even in the same ballpark!)

What are the keys to COMMUNICATING a winning Value Equation?

Where do you use the Value Equation in your marketing and selling?

If you don't have a winning Value Equation and you need to GET one, how do you do it?

How do you know if your Value Equation is actually a winner or not?

What is expectancy in Game theory and how does it effect a Winning Value Equation?

Why being able to morph your Value Equation on demand is the ultimate weapon to disrupt the disruptors and why this insulates you against the degrading forces of hyper-competition that seek to turn you into a commodity.

What do I have to say that's DIFFERENT from other trainings?

LOL.  No one else teaches this in Internet marketing that I know of.  My unique combination of Game theory, expectancy theory and the Value Equation is a potent combo that gives you a big advantage.


Module 4: "Multiple Feeder Systems," list building and getting sales

Day four is where we bring home the bacon, as they say here in Texas.)  Whether you're promoting products and services as an affiliate or as the product creator, you've got to build your list and bring in sales. I have a philosophy I've adopted based on years of experience. It's called "Multiple Feeder Systems." 

What are Feeder systems, how they work, why they work, and how many do you need?  Includes practical examples.

How I got 2,826,874 visitors to my websites.

What are "hand raisers" are and how do they work

Why you don't hear marketers talking about two-step marketing. What is it? Is it important?

What is a marketing database?  Why don't you hear marketers talking about it and teaching the use of it?  How and why it's absolutely critical to your profits.

What about automated webinars for selling?  Should you use them?  Are they hard to do?  Do they work?

What about building a 10,000+ list in 30 days or less?  Is it legit?  Do I recommend it?  Is there a pitfall?

What about Facebook?  Is it a good place to get new leads?

YouTube is a great Feeder System.  True?  Or False?

What about using Amazon Kindle as a Feeder System?  Good idea?  Or waste of time?  (Hint:  There's a hidden gotcha a lot of people don't think about, but there's a way to overcome it.)

Is there a hidden drawback to "ad swapping" that no one is talking about?  Is there an elephant in the room?

What is the Multiple Feeder Systems mindset?  Why some marketers say you only need one?  Whose right? Whose wrong?

What's the single best Feeder System you can have, and why you should get this one set up asap.

What Feeder Systems do I recommend for newbies?

How do you turn Feeder Systems into income streams?

What do I have to say that's DIFFERENT from other trainings?

Having been in this business full time since 1997, I have very different views than some people on this Multiple Feeder Systems issue.  My stance on it changed over time.  I also have a BIG difference with some marketers about WHAT Feeder Systems to use and which ones to avoid.

Finally, I teach using a marketing database, a word which is foreign to a LOT of marketing courses, if not most.  Yet, it's an absolutely important concept to understand, especially as you begin your career in Internet marketing.

Module 5: The Marlon Sanders Success System

Day five is an exciting day. Because this is where it all comes together. You get a birds-eye view of the "big picture." This causes all the other pieces of the online marketing puzzle to fall into place. All of a sudden you'll have the ability to sort through your inbox with a totally fresh perspective. You'll "get" online marketing. And more specifically, you'll see what you need to do in order to move forward to success.

What parts of the System can you automate and/or outsource?

Breakdown and explanation of each part

Graphical flowchart of my complete Success System

What's different about The Marlon Sanders Success System vs. other approaches?

How do you move forward in your career with confidence

Common newbie mistakes and how the Marlon Sanders Success System helps you avoid them

Why it's critically important to have a success system vs. a cobbled-together, hodgepodge solution.

What parts of the System can you automate and/or outsource?

Demonstration of how the Success System works when you get it set up

What do I have to say that's DIFFERENT from other trainings?

You don't have to read be on very many email lists to find out quickly that the vast majority of marketers

WARNING: This is NOT For Everyone

Listen, if you're broke and desperate, if you've spent thousands and not made anything, if you can't do basic stuff on the computer or if you're powerless and feel you need someone else to make it happen for you, this is NOT for you.

  • I don't want "blood money."
  • I don't want you to go in debt to buy this.
  • I don't want to take food off your table.
  • I don't want to take new clothes away from your kids.
  • I don't need your money.

I don't want you to borrow on your life insurance policy or spend your Social Security money nor steal from your retirment savings.

This is for able, capable people who have some basic computer skills, the ability, desire and willingness to learn and who are proactive in life.

Fast Action Bonuses!

BONUS ONE: If You Could Spend 90 Days With Marlon, Listening, Watching, and Absorbing Everything He Does For 8 Hours A Day, Then Detailed All The Secrets In A Diary, What Value Would You Place On It?

  • Remember, that's 720 total hours of non-stop, behind-the-scenes, in-depth, real-world, day-to-day online marketing training you can use in your own business -- right now!

  • Learn the crazy $30 bullet technique that practically guarantees sensational bullets every time.

  • Learn the crazy $30 bullet technique that practically guarantees sensational bullets every time.

  • The truth about income streams: the full story on how the majority of successful internet business owners rake in their dough – NOT by having one, killer product but a bunch of small income-producing websites that all add up to one freakin’ HUGE wad of cash.

  • What is the number one mistake that most rookie copywriters make when writing their sales letters that costs them mucho mazooma in the bank?

BONUS TWO: Million Dollar Swipe File

  • You get a collection of power emails that helped me sell $3.2+ million online (and much more).

  • You get to see the actual emails that brought home the sales. This way, you can model them for your own emails. Bring home the sales using email!

BONUS THREE: Over The Shoulder Videos

video 1 Video 1: How to Save Up To $50 a Month On Squeeze Page Services

video 2 Video 2: How to Save $50 to $100 a Pop Using Photoshop Elements

video 2 Video 3: How to Create Your Own Web Pages

video 2 Video 4: How to Set Up Hosting and Why I'm NOT recommending HostGator Anymore and WHO I'm Recommending

video 2 Video 5: Over-The-Shoulder Autoresponder Set Up

video 2 Video 6: How to Avoid the BIG Web Hosting Trap By Setting Up Your "A Address"

video 2 Video 7: Wordpress setup click by click

Summary of What You Get

1. You get 5 in-depth training videos around 60-minutes each that give you a crash course in "what you need to know."

2. You get the Marketing Diary where I gave a huge crash course in online marketing to a new employee (fast action bonus 1)

3. You get my Million Dollar Swipe File containing "cream-of-the-crop" emails you can model (fast action bonus 2)

4. You get 7 over-the-shoulder videos to get you up and running fast (fast action bonus 3)

5. Attractive page template you can put up your sales letter with -- After 7 days, you'll receive a short follow-up survey. As my way of saying thanks, you'll get a copy of the exact sales page template you're seeing now.

6. Better-Than-Risk-Free 60-Day Guarantee

7. Instant digital access 24/7

My Better Than Risk Free
100% Money Back Guarantee!

#1: If for any reason you aren't happy, you get 100% of your money back for up to 60 days. Just post here for a full and complete refund.

#2: "Better than Risk Free" means I guarantee you WILL come out a winner no matter what!

If you go through all the training in the Fast Start System, and it's not for you, then not only will I refund your money -- I'll aslo let you keep the $37.00 Marketing Diary as my thanks.

How can I do this? That's how confident I am that this system works!

Just think about it. If this system didn't work, would I be in any position to make an offer like this?

If you're unhappy with the product for any reason, just go here within 60 days and let me know. Not only will I refund your purchase price, you'll get to keep the $37 Marketing Diary as my gift.

The only reason I make this guarantee is I'm very confident you'll love the training and refer to it for years to come like my other customers do.

Alexandria K. Brown

That's My Own Personal Guarantee!

Marlon Sanders
"The King of Step-by-Step Marketing"

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