Marlon innovated a number of methods and tools now considered commonplace in Internet marketing.

Among these are:

1.  Sales letter software

Push Button Letters was the first sales letter software.

2.  Dashboard training tools

Marlon developed the Dashboard design as a training tool.

3.  Mini-Site Model

So might feel laying claim to this is akin to Al Gore inventing the Internet.  But the fact remains, Marlon’s Gimme My Money Now was the first product to actively promote using a two-page website model.  Later, Phil Wiley inspired by Marlon’s ideas coined the term “mini site.”  Phil will attest to Marlon’s contribution to this concept and naming convention.

4.  12-step sales letter formula

Marlon developed the formula commonly taught on the Internet. And the proof is on this site in the 1997 video where he taught it at the Boulder Summit.  Marlon’s 12-step model was inspired by Bob Serling’s 16-step formula.  Prior to Bob’s formula, AIDA was the dominant formula taught for sales letters.  It’s a nice formula but hardly allows you to write an effective sales communication.  As additional evidence to this claim, Marlon also presents his high-ranking  blog at

5.  100% digitally delivered ebook promoted via an affiliate program

Amazing Formula was the first 100% digitally delivered ebook about Internet marketing that was heavily promoting via an affiliate program and that advocated that model.  Mark Joyner previously sold thousands of ebooks on a DOS delivery system via bulletin board distribution.  Amazing Formula was the first to use Windows-based delivery and a modern style associate program with 100% digital delivery.  The common wisdom at the time was that you needed to send a hard copy of the product because refunds on digitally delivered products would be too high to make a profit.

This is a matter of historical record if you care too check the newsletter archive at

6.  Affiliate Contests

Marlon was the first in the Internet marketing industry to hold affiliate contests.  Yanik Silver and Matt Gill will attest to this.