Here’s an overview of Marlon’s products:

1.  The Amazing Formula That Sells Products Like Crazy

This is the grand daddy info product of Internet marketing.  A huge, mega-spash hit in  1998+.  Thousands of copies have been sold in virtually every city around the world.  If you’ve ever heard the expression, “the money is in the list,” this is where it came from.  This product is designed for entrepreneurs and that is the reason for the bold, semi-crazy claim.  This is NOT designed for the “corporate market.”

2.  Push Button Letters software

I created an innovated the 12-step copywriting formula most everyone teaches now (typically without attribution).  As proof of this claim, you can see 1/2 of my video the Boulder Internet Summit where I taught this formula.

What I found out is that no matter how much I taught the formula, people weren’t following it. I decided to create “training wheels” that would guide people through following the steps of the formula. This became a smash hit and spawned a whole genre of competitive products.  I’m biased but I think the original was and is the  best.

3.  Marketing Dashboard

This was the first in my whole line of Dashboard training products.  I innovated a format called the “dashboard.”  You point, click and follow the big, labelled steps, complete with screen caps and video as needed.  Takes Internet marketing to a whole new level of step-by-step ease and training.

4.  Design Dashboard

Marlon’s hugely popular product that walks you step-by-step through designing your own website.

5.  Traffic Dashboard

Need to get visitors to your website or blog?  This shows you how to do it.

6.  Affiliate Dashboard

Want to start an affiliate program so others can sell your products and services?  This Dashboard walks you through it step-by-step.

7.  Info Product Dashboard

Step-by-step training for those who want to create their own info products and sell them online.

8.  Promo Dashboard

This Dashboard helps you set up your email capture (also called a Squeeze) page, get people on your email list then send out emails that get them to respond or buy from you.

9.  Swag Box 7 — Secrets of Super Affiliates

I wrote this based on my observations of how highly successful super affiliates sold my products over the years.

10. The Writer’s Secret

If you like to write, this is a formula custom-tailored to writing and selling info products online using my unique approach.

11.  The Big Course

A massive compilation of the best of Marlon’s products at a true discount vs. buying them individually.

12.  WP Leads and Sales Dashboard

My most recent addition to the Dashboard line of products. This one helps you transform your blog into a direct response lead getter.