Marlon Sanders RE: "I couldn't believe me eyes"
From: Marlon Sanders

Walter said, "Hey Marlon, what did you think of the swimming pool?"

I said, "Walter, WHAT swimming pool?"

He said, "Go through the door at the side of the room."

See, I was there to write a letter to help him sell his seminar. I'd get roughly $7,500 to $10,000 for the letter. So Walter let me stay in the bedroom of his old house (he'd just built a new one).

Anyway, I opened the door and sure enough. A freakin' Olympic-sized swimming pool that originally belonged to Franklin D. Roosevelt, the ex-President. It's not every day you seem something like that in someone's bedroom.

Then again, it ain't every day you talk to someone worth SIX HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS, whose paying you to help THEM sell stuff. The way he MADE that $600,000,000 million is ever more fascinating, and I'll tell you about that in a minute...

He had a SECRET....

One secret. The first time he used it, he cashed out for $78 million. Then he used the same secret for 3 more cash outs in completely different industries totaling $600 million.

In other words, he took one secret and sucked huge chunks of cash out of 4 entirely different industries using it.

But he wasn't the only one....

You know the Oprah show, right?

You ever seen a flying car? Well, I haven't either. But another one of my friends has been on the Oprah show 120 times.

That's right. 120 times. And he tells me he owns a patent on a flying car that he actually flies every week. Crazy, eh? He's crazy. He had a TON of rock hauled into his front yard to build a waterfall and his neighbors thought he was half off his rocker.

Then again, they weren't a millionaire by age 21 like he was.

He has several SECRETS that let him do what others don't know HOW to do.

How do I know these things?


It's a bit embarrassing because it's almost an obsession.

See, from the youngest age I've been fascinated by marketing SECRETS. Because it's marketing that allowed my client Walter to be worth $600 million when he was living. And it's marketing that allowed my friend to be a millionaire by age 20.

To find out these secrets, I've done things most people will never do. I've paid prices most sane people would never pay. Like $500 for one sheet of paper.

Or $5,000 for 3 big manuals and some tapes.

Or my library of 3,000+ books.

Just the other day, I spent around $2,000 of my own money to get the right to talk to a guy for 90 minutes about how he used marketing to go from $7,000 a month to $350,000 a month in the past 14 months (as of July 2015).

How many people do you know who'd spend $2,000 for a 90-minute conversation on Skype? Well, that's how crazy I am. The thing is, I just had to know.

I just had to know what HE was doing that was so DIFFERENT from what everyone else is doing.

The things I've found out, the SECRETS I've discovered, make for an incredible list.

Later, I found out I wasn't the only Collector of Secrets and secrets borrower. Jay Abraham has practically made a living borrowing secrets from ONE industry that are tested and proven, then applying those secrets to ANOTHER industry.

See, this is what most people don't know....

The Secret of Becoming an Instant Marketing Genius,
Astounding Your Friends, Blowing Up Your Profits or Results,
and Becoming A "Go To" Person For People of Power, Wealth and Influence ---
Not to Mention Dumping Your Job or Starting a Successful Business

What if there were honest-to-goodness secrets you could use right now to get up to 10x the results, 10x the response, 10x the sales -- and what if somewhere between 10 and 21 days you could begin seeing real, true results from these secrets?

Borrow THESE Marketing Secrets And Apply Them To Your Product, Service or Industry
  • A friend of mine became a millionaire at age 21 by selling his book to libraries around the U.S.! Then, he got on Oprah 120 times and she let him literally sell his book from the show. For more on how I met him, and the "behind-the-scenes" scoop, click here now.
  • How a friend of mine at age 19 made $50,000 a month in Poland. And to this day, he's only grown by multiples of income with his secret strategy. You won't believe some of the conversations I've had on Skype!
  • They're one of the largest marketers of big ticket seminars to dentists in the U.S. Yet, they have such a simple secret, it's crazy. I got their Director of Marketing on the horn and spilled their secret. You won't hear this ANYWHERE else.
  • Top-selling jokes book author has BIZARRE method of writing and selling joke books that brought in huge royalties. Her average book sells 10,000 copies vs. the 3,000 copies that is normally considered exceptional....I'm talking bookstore sales at full prices, not Amazon. In retrospect, it all makes sense. But I woulda never guessed this one in a billion years. Clever lady. Great secret. Read more about it here.
  • The oddball marketing system used by one of the top sales people for tear gas in the U.S. I had to work at the company to find that one out. It was a bit of a long summer. But hey, I got on TV, so it wasn't all bad. Kinda sucked when I squirted myself in the face with teargas accidentally!
  • How an insurance agent used the simplest darned postcard in the world to end up OWNING the agency he was selling for, generating leads for a whole boatload of sales people! This is the quintessential lesson in simplicity, creativity, marketing acumen and lead generation.
  • The seminar company that found out the WEIRDEST possible thing made a massive difference in how much people bought on the "back end." Hint: It has to do with the airport but you'd never guess it in a million years.
  • The taxi cab driver I met in Nashville who had the cleverest little marketing system that snagged him ALL the primo runs to the airport that all the other taxi drivers fight over. And all it cost was $5 per hotel. What if you set up a referral network for your business based on this same idea? What if you had a steady stream of referrals from 10 different sources every day? What would that mean?
  • A Girl Scout places 1st in the nation with a really clever way of selling cookies, an idea you can probably apply to whatever you're selling. This one I found out because I drove to Austin and stayed at her million dollar lakefront home. Only the next morning over coffee did this one come out. It's the simplest idea you can almost instantly apply to any business.
  • What are the numbers when you run Facebook ads then send 'em to a webinar sign up page? How much per registration? Per live attendee? What's the close ratio? For a few of my friends, this is nothin' but money. Get the details here.
  • The REAL sales secret of Frank Betger, author of the most famous sales book of all time. You may have seen or read the book How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling. But you had to read his OTHER book to find out the real scoop. I'd bet money not one marketing in 1,000 knows this one. It'll open your eyes to the power of one simple, single thing anyone in any business can do -- without spending a penny.
  • This one little trick is the single biggest secret a FUNDRAISER could know or use. And it's amazing no one in other industries uses it. Because it'll work there just as well. Could you borrow this clever idea and use it in your business or industry?
  • A friend of mine had 3 Clickbank Best Sellers (#1 in a highly competitive category) using this secret strategy still to this day I hardly ever see anyone at all use. Oh, you'd know his name if I told you. THAT is how well his secret works. But almost no one knows it. The reason he told me is I helped him out back when he was working out of a tiny apartment off his bed with a laptop. Now, he's rolling large in a swanky exotic car. The whole thing. Boost your position in Clickbank now!
  • My father's brother had the simplest possible secret for making insurance companies successful. He won insurance executive of the year in the entire U.S. more than once. Once owned a jet airplane and all that. But he did one thing that others wouldn't do. And that made him successful. Could you morph, apply or use a derivative of what he did?
  • One of the top real estate agents in the U.S. experimented a whole year to find a few simple secrets of radio ads. Ever since then he has been #1 in Phoenix and OWNS the market there. What are his radio ad secrets? Most marketers never think of using radio ads. This one could be a real idea stimulator.
  • A training company found itself on the rocks in hard, hard times. About to go under. My friend D.M. told 'em to mail just a 2-page letter to buyers. Saved the company and turned 'em around! Wanna what the 2-page letter said? Maybe you could use this strategy if you sell any kind of training.
  • Another friend of mine has a 2-page letter he sends out Fed-X that brings back $1200 checks like clockwork. Wanna know the gist of THAT letter? When you mail it out, your friends will go, "Oh my gosh, that's genius!" You'll just smile and bank the deposits.
  • My phone rang: "Marlon, where are you?" "Shoot Donnie, I'm sorry. I forgot and missed my flight. I'll be down tomorrow." I showed up the next day. He toured me through his 20,000 square foot house! Then his 2-story office complex. Then he said, "Hey Marlon, let me show you my direct mail room." There was one mailer for a $50 product. I said, "Donnie, where's the mailers for all your other stuff?" (Obviously you don't live in a 20,000 square foot house selling one $50 product!). What he said next, was his secret, and a real SHOCKER!
  • How To Apply The $40 Million "Backwards Money" Secret To YOUR Business
  • How my friends and acquaintances sell and deliver big ticket info products for $5,000 to $25,000 without pulling their hair out!
  • A friend of mine bought and sold MILLIONS of dollars of banner ads and other online ad inventory. Yet, he had one little secret to this day no one knows or uses. Interestingly enough, a man out about 2 hours from me used that SAME exact secret in an entirely different industry (buying and selling raw land) to become a multi-millionaire. He's got a little book on it you can buy on Amazon. You interested to know THAT secret?
  • You ever see those boxes giving away free memberships to this or that? Or that have a drawing to win something free? Well, the real inside scoop on those is hard to find out. But I dug deep and found out how those things are really run by pros that know what they're doing. A real lead generation goldmine.
  • The one year $3 million info product business cash injection secret. Find out how this info product business rocketed from $1 million to $4 million in only 12 months. The best part is, there's no reason you can't use the exact same method in any info product business, and if you're a bit creative, in many other businesses.
  • Ever wonder how you take a company with $1 million in revenue and sell it for 78 times that? It's hard to imagine building a $78 million company. But what about a $1 million company you can SELL for $78 million? That's a whole different ballgame. Or what about selling a $500,000 company for $5 million? Normally, a company sells for 6 to 10x revenue. But, if you know this secret, there are some people who DWARF those multiples and do 50x, 60x, or 70x actual earnings. Crazy, eh? Well, you won't be reading this anywhere else. Go here to download this multi-million dollar secret right now.
  • Here's an interesting one: Microsoft is one of the biggest, most powerful companies in the world obviously. That's not anything you don't know. But here's what may be: They only use 5 marketing strategies for their products. One-by-one you can go through their ads and marketing campaigns and see this plain as day. For example, the Surface tablet is called "Both-and". These 5 methods have made billions for Microsoft. They might be able to sell a few products for you also.
  • The audience of hungry buyers almost everyone overlooks that could be right in front of your nose providing you with a very healthy market for your products for a long time to come
  • Everyone knows Jay Abraham is the King Daddy of Joint ventures. But not everyone had his ace phone sales person living 10 doors down the block from 'em. I did. And I got the real dirt on how he puts together all those JV's that no one else can get done. Jay can crack open endorsements and deals no one else can. There's a simple secret he uses. Interestingly enough, remember my client who was worth $600 million? In a very different way, he used the same SECRET!
  • You know those huge, massive mega-churches with 10,000 in attendance? Did you know there is one MAIN marketing strategy they use to do that? And it's NOT what anyone thinks. I seriously doubt if there's one person reading this who knows what this method is. Yet, it's something you might be able to apply to YOUR business or endeavor on a smaller scale.
  • How about an NBA Basketball team? Think my kind of marketing doesn't apply to or work for them? Well check this out. John Spoelstra had the unenviable task of selling tickets to a team that had won ONE game! Yet he SOLD OUT seats and tickets! Unbelievable. Well get this: The way he did it can be used by YOU for whatever you sell. By the way, he's used this same method over and over with other kinds of sports teams too. Great strategy!
  • The LEGENDARY Joseph Sugarman had hit after hit after hit in mail order. Most people think he was a genius. And maybe he was. But he also had a really nifty place he'd run his test ads on the cheap that paved the way for a national rollout. Would you like to know where that was? Would you be curious how you could use a similar new product test strategy in your business?
  • Extremely famous copywriter of massive mega promotions reveals that there are really only 3 secrets to his mega-hit letters. This was the first time I'd ever read or heard this. You won't find it in John Caples or Claude Hopkins. But it's spot on. If you want to have your own mega-hits, grab these 3 secrets here.
  • The secret of targeting The ONE type of person who positively WILL buy from you
  • How would you like to have 80% of your new products be hits? I spoke to the Director of Research of a $200 million a year direct response marketing company and he sent to me secret documents of the unusual research he used. In fact, he hadn't had a "miss" in 6 months when I talked to him. No one uses this method that I know of in its purest form, even though you or anyone else could -- even if you're a newbie.
  • How do you find a friend a job, get members for an organization or get your dentist or chiropractor customers?
  • How I've created a small fortune with "flanking" info products, how they differ from what almost everybody else does, and how you can pocket tidy profits year after year with these evergreen, always selling profit trees.

"Marlon, I don't CARE about you or what you know.
How is this gonna help me market what I got --
faster, simpler, easier with maximum results?"

That''s a great question. Glad you asked. Let me answer it...

The way you shortcut your progress enormously.....the way you get results faster....simpler....easier...with less trial and error....fewer mistakes......less strain and to borrow tested and proven ideas from other industries and apply them what you're doing. Whether you're selling a product or service, marketing an idea, promoting a group, organization or cause, there are people in other areas, fields and industries who have tested and proven ideas you can plug into what you're doing and get results from fast!

It's the secret of becoming an instant Marketing Genius!

The best part is, when you do this, people think you're a rock star because you have these incredible ideas that work fantastically. They don't realize you didn't invent them. You borrowed them from other industries where they were tested and proven to work over and over.

Then you simply apply them to a new industry or area!

I've spent a lifetime collecting such marketing secrets. But now, instead of having to buy thousands of books, network with dozens of multi-million dollar marketers, and attend dozens of events -- you can simply BORROW the best ideas I've already discovered for you.

True, you could buy thousands of books, spend half your life reading, spend the other half on the horn networking your ever loving tail end off. Or, you could simply borrow the best of the best that I've uncovered in the last 20+ years in marketing.

Here are a few questions you may be asking yourself right now...

“Does This Apply To MY Business, Group or Marketing?”
You're probably wondering if these secrets only apply if you sell training to Internet marketers. These secrets were forged in the first of many different businesses and industries, both "for profit" and even "non-profit." Most apply to groups and organizations, or even people starting a new business at home from scratch. Not to mention those who want to scale up and take things to an entirely new level or break through a plateau.
Conclusion: These secrets come from all industries, groups, and businesses -- which makes for maximum benefit when you swipe, apply and deploy the ideas.
“Will I Learn Anything New or Is This a Re-hash?”
There's nothing worse than buying a book or product and wishing that the dude who wrote the sales letter wrote the book. Well, in this case I did. And these amazing secrets come from years and years in the business. They're the very fabric of my being, my life and my business.
Conclusion: Unless you've read 3,000+ books and hobnobbed with dozens of the most famous high achievers and multi-millionaires online and offline, then absolutely. And I'll stake my reputation on that statement..
“How Much Money Will These Secrets Require Me To Spend?”
Question 3Many of these secrets require no money. But secret #11 shows a clever way to turn buying advertising or spending money on marketing into a profit center.

Some of the secrets address "scaling up." Those do often require money, but should largely be selff-funding, so you aren't actually spending money out of pocket
Conclusion: Many of the secrets don't require money. Others should largely be self-funding or self-liquidating.
“How Quickly Could I See Results and How Much Will I Make?”

question 4The faster you implement secrets in your business, group or organization, the faster you'll see results. Extremely fast action takers could see almost immediate results. Slower than molasses implementers may never see painfully slow results! Are you a doer or a talker? That's the bottom line.

You'll make as much as you sell and not a penny more. Fortunately, you'll discover "ramp up" methods that could make that happen 10x faster potentially.
Conclusion: Bottom line is the faster you implement, the sooner you see results. How much results, response or money you see depends on you, your business or model, or your group. But you will discover "rapid ramp up" secrets..

What Am I Sharing These Marketing, Sales and Response Secrets
If They Are So Darned Great (and they are)?

You may be wondering why I've decided to share these secrets if they're that great (and they are!).

In fact, I actually debated if I was going to let the cat out of the bag on some of these secrets. That's just how potent they are.

Here's the thing: I'm in my early 50's now. At my age, you start losing a friend here and there. You wake up one day and you have a pain in your heart here or a nagging injury there. I realize my days are numbered.

I've lived a charmed life and been so fortunate to meet and know incredible people, marketing minds and geniuses -- both in online marketing and many other businesses.

Why shouldn't I share this legacy? I really can't lose anything. These secrets come from MANY different industries and the number of ways they can be applied are as varied as a kaleidoscope. The chances any two people will use them in the same exact way are slim to none.

Not only that, I still have something to prove. In times past, I was instantly recognized in the elite of the elite in terms of online marketers in the world. Now, there are whole new crops of Internet marketers coming up who don't know who I am.

I injured my wrist for awhile and literally could barely type for several months. It drove me batty. As soon as it healed where I could type, I IMMEDIATELY banged out this product like a bat out of hell!

I'm not giving away my car or my house to the top affiliate. I'm just not. Some of the modern Internet marketing hype makes me want to vomit. I just can't do it. So really, the ONLY way I have to promote this product and make it stand out in the swampland of Internet hype was to make the content REAL, practical, unique and rare. I'm betting that there are still affiliates and people out there who actually care about the content of a product....who are still passionate about great marketing ideas.....who will still promote, endorse or spread the word about a product because they love it, and not because they're doing to win $25,000 cash or some insane prize....and that's why I'm relying on you to spread the word.

These are stories, secrets, things that could only come from me and my life. They are the cream of the crop of everything I know. I'm proud to give them to you. And I'll be grateful if they not only help you in your business, group or organization but if you become an ambassador and help me spread the word in a grassroots way about this product.

Module 1 - Marlon's Book of Marketing Secrets PDF
Instead of taking 20 years of your life and reading 3,000+ books to discover marketing secrets you can borrow and apply to your industry, product, service, idea, group or organization -- why not just borrow the best I've researched and uncovered over the past 20+ years? Swipe, apply and deploy! People will think you're a marketing genius! Your friends will admire your marketing acumen and knowledge. Gain respect and admiration of those in influence due to your newfound marketing insights.
Module 2 - Swipeable Marketing Secrets Video
If you like to listen and watch more than read, I put each secret on a Power Point slide and talked through it on video. This is great because it gives you extra information not in the book.
Module 3 - Instant Marketing Genius Transcript
You also get a full transcript I call "The Instant Marketing Genius." That's because you can take this with you to Starbucks or curl up with it on the sofa. By the time you're finished reading it, your brain will be infused.with the greatest marketing ideas I've discovered in a lifetime. You can swipe, borrow and use them any way you want. You'll treasure this transcript as you go back to it time and time again.
Module 4 - Printed and Mailed Book of Marketing Secrets
Book of Secrets Print EditionBook of Secrets Print EditionWhenever I can, I buy the print version of books. That's how I ended up with a house full of 'em! I love the experience of holding the book. Marking up the pages. Underlining things. Making notes. I decided to offer as an experiment a print edition. Better grab this one before I get tired of entering them by hand into the fulfillment service!

Maybe you're saying, "Marlon, that's all well and good, but if I get your Book of Marketing Secrets, how specifically will I benefit in multiples of what I pay for it?

Big Benefit One: Borrow these secrets and apply them to your business, group, organization, online business for big response, profits or results. Why mess around with theoretical things that "might" work when you can borrow the "best of the best" of tested, proven methods?

Big Benefit Two: If you're starting from SCRATCH, then you'll see your way much clearer. You'll have a big picture. It's easier to get started and build something if you know exactly where you're going and what will get you there. I'll share with you a very simple but profound way people use to grow businesses up to $40 million -- and even beyond.

Big Benefit Three: You'll get secrets used in other industries that are NOT used in your industry, field, group or organization. Any way you slice it, that gives you an advantage.

Big Benefit Four: You'll get references to books you can read for further research, where applicable. Some of my secrets have books "behind" them. There aren't a lot but the ones I refer to are worth their weight in gold and, for the most part, aren't commonly known. Some are virtually unheard of.

Big Benefit Five: Instead of having to read 3,000+ books to discover these secrets yourself and spend 20+ years networking, you can just borrow my cream of the crop secrets I've discovered over 20+ years.

Big Benefit Six: If you want to pay the extra fee for it, there's a print edition available. I don't know about you, but I can only go so far on my iPad. I still think best when I can take it down to Starbucks, read it leisurely, mark it up and turn the pages. That causes my brain to "kick in." If you're the same, then you'll love the print edition.

Big Benefit Seven: I didn't hire someone in a 3rd world country you never heard of to write this for $1 an hour. I wrote it myself, thank you very much. What I'm saying is, this isn't someone looking up articles randomly on the Internet and rewriting them. This is me sharing what I've learned in a lifetime. In short, what you get is NOT re-hashed, regurgitated, warmed over drivel. It's fresh, original ideas and thinking.

What Would It Be Worth To You If You Could Borrow, Apply and Deploy the Cream of The Crop Secrets I've Learned From Some of the Brightest and Best Marketers On The Planet?

There are a total of 32 SECRETS in this book.

Let's say that you pick out the 10 best secrets that are most applicable to you and your situation right now. You apply them the best as you can. Five work a little but nothing great. Three are really good. Two are blockbuster.

What could that mean to you? If it were only an AVERAGE per each of the 10 secrets of $1,000 each, that would be a total of $10,000 in value. Cut it in half and it's still $5,000 of value.

Let's say that over the next 2 years each secret was worth a modest figure like $250 to you.

That would be $8,000 of value.

Or let's say you use only 1 secret per month for the next year. And let's say each secret only makes you a ridiculously small amount of $100, given only a modest effort. In 12 months, that's still $1,200 or $2400 in 24 months.

Stated differently, if I just handed you $1200, would you turn it down?

I'm not giving away my car, my house to bribe affiliates into promoting this product. I'm just not. Some of the modern Internet marketing hype makes me want to vomit. I just can't do it. So really, the ONLY way I have to promote this product and make it stand out in the swampland of Internet hype was to make the content REAL, practical, unique and rare.

I'm betting that there are still affiliates and people out there who actually care about the content of a product....who are still passionate about great marketing ideas.....who will still promote, endorse or spread the word about a product because they love it, and not because they're doing to win $25,000 cash or some insane prize....and that's why I'm relying on you to spread the word.

These are stories, secrets, things that could only come from me and my life. They are the cream of the crop of everything I know. I'm proud to give them to you. And I'll be grateful if they not only help you in your business, group or organization but if you become an ambassador and help me spread the word in a grassroots way about this product.

To help you apply these secrets to your products or services, business, group, organization, you'll be invited to this special training, and receive a recording of it
Quickstart Application Training: You can be assured you'll be able to apply these secrets to what you're doing, which means you'll be just that much closer to getting results, and not getting stuck figuring things out.


Everyone loves fast results, including me. I isolated one specific secret that can be used by anyone doing any marketing, or even just starting up. This secret will likely give you results in 3 minutes
3-Minute Results Method: You'll get a specific secret that I'm personally convinced will get you results in as fast as 3 minutes. That means you'll know you got your money's worth just from this one secret.

There's nothing like passive income that you do almost nothing to get month after month. Who doesn't love passive income? Well, this one is as close to a no-brainer as it gets. I'll share several ways you can set up your own passive income stream or streams. Some people have 5 or 6 of these running.
Passive Income Secret video: I'm going to reveal to you my own personal passive income source and the method I use to get it on true autopilot.


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Having said that, as with ALL my products, I do not represent you will experience profits as I have nor that the typical or ordinary buyer of this or any of my products makes substantial income.  I have no control over what people do or don't do with my products.  So while your income is NOT guaranteed in any way, your money back IS guaranteed if you are not satisfied.

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The most common questions you likely have are, "Will I actually USE these secrets in MY business or endeavor? It's different? Plus, what if I get distracted, forget about them, move onto other things and neglect to implement them?"

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