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In life, you either trade time for dollars or you trade products for dollars.

You only have 10 to 12 hours you can work in a day. Therefore, you have a limit on the amount of income you can earn by trading TIME for dollars. It’s also tiring.

In contrast, there is no limit you can earn trading products for dollars. You do the work once. You get paid over and over, and over for the years to come.

If you’re ready to stop trading time for dollars and start trading products for dollars, I’d like to introduce you to the Info-Product Dashboard, The first A to Z, step-by-step sytem that even if you are a beginner, no expertise, or have no idea of what you are doing.

This is what the Info-Product Dashboard can do for you:

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  1. avatar Ron on April 17th, 2009

    I bought the product because of all the great value you gave for free.

  2. avatar Hooi Wai Kei on April 17th, 2009

    I bought Info-Product Dashboard from Marlon.
    I thought that since his approach is no-nonsense and he sincerely wants to help people, his product would be the same.
    I am happy that Info-Product Dashboard is organized and systematic in its approach to creating infoproducts.
    I would like to see a forum created for users to discuss issues related to his products and also provide input to creating new products.

  3. avatar Santo on April 17th, 2009

    I would have rather had software that run’s on my computer and not over the Internet.

  4. avatar John Calderon on April 17th, 2009

    Ok Marlon,

    My Honest opinion of web design dashboard is not good.

    The main problem we have with the web design dashboard is it lacks videos the allows you to complete the step by step process of creating a COMPLETE website, it shows you how to build the header the sales page and the side bar windows but never shows you how to put the whole site together in whole.

    For a beginner I find myself confused as to how all the pieces fit. Because I am not sure how to put the whole page together, the hosting and domain registration is incomplete.

    I am finding that people who know how to put together a website and make money online seem to forget to go slow and truly step by step.

    Beyond week 4 i cannot give you an opinion because i am unable to do the task.

    It would be so great to have a mentor program. I see that you do offer this but because of these economic times we cant afford it.

    I would like to make a site that helps others get up and going through a mentor program.

    I really apprieciate your time.

  5. avatar wal on April 17th, 2009

    The Info-Product Dashboard is yet another excellent must have, product that I have purchased from Marlon.

    It has easy to follow steps, displayed in a well laid out manner, using low cost solutions, that leverage one’s time and actually work, facilitating organized action and delivering killer results.

    And best of all it’s a real bargan for the price!

  6. avatar Wal on April 17th, 2009

    – I have purchased 3 of Marlon’s products to date.
    – I was impressed how Marlon’s employees were very courteous and helpful, sorting out a minor technical access issue.
    – My first purchase some years back, was based on the valued opinion of an endorsement by Mike Filsaime.
    Subsequent product purchases where based on my own direct product and service experience with Marlon.
    – I like the effective clarity, that the systemitized, organized layout of the product delivers.
    – I appreciated the timely and efficient manner, in which Marlon’s employees resolved a minor technical access issue for me.
    – Make the webinar and teleseminar calls later in the day, to keep me out of the dogbox with my wife here in New Zealand, when the alarm goes off, but I know that Marlon likes to hold them early in the day!


  7. avatar Nancy on April 17th, 2009

    The info-product Dashboard is the easiest tool to use to develop your products. I love the easy to use dashboard not only for the info-product but also the design-dashboard as well.

    Thanks Marlon for creating such an easy-to-use product.

  8. avatar Loreen on April 20th, 2009

    Hey Marlon,

    I have two of your products now, the Product Dashboard and the Red Factor. Both in my opinion are clear, easy to use and actionable!

    I am now contemplating the purchase of your answer to Overwhelm as this is exactly where I find myself. I have great information (thanks to you and your products) and continue with my paralysis by analysis:). I have no product to show for my research – yet!

    I’ve not had the pleasure of working with your team as to this point I have had no reason to. But I have every reason to believe that they, like you would be great to work with.

    Thank you for your straight-forward, honest approach to Internet Marketing.

  9. avatar Grahame J Smith on April 20th, 2009

    I have found the info-product Dashboard meets all my needs ond requierments. It is so easy to use and understan, also it gives you an insight as to what yoy need to do.


    Grahame J Smith

  10. avatar Iftikhar on April 21st, 2009

    Hi Marlon,
    I bought this product because you were selling it, having previously attended your seminar, I know that you are a no nonsense guy who gets straight to the point.

    There is so much in this product for nominal fee so I feel it is a fantastic value for money. I have begun exploring it and even set a few goals, first of which is to identify at least 4 markets I’d like to sink my teeth into by Sunday 26th April 2009.


  11. avatar Neal Lohse on May 2nd, 2009

    Hi M,

    Doing some catch-up this morninig on old posts and emails unread…

    From 18th April


    1. How many products have you bought from me?

    about a half dozen…

    2. If you’ve had to work with my employees, were they courteous and helpful?

    Yes. I recall Matt answering a question with such respect, consideration and care. When I re-read the question is was a no-brainer and I had a “doh!” moment. He could have been sarcastic or rude — like some others I experienced — he wasn’t and that is one reason why i keep returning. It had huge impact. Thanks

    3. Why did you choose to buy from me?

    Consistent quality and a matter-of-fact honesty that appeals to me. As a businessman, the integrity with which the “Sanders” stamp is a pplied reassures me. I believe you personalise exceptionally well — you talk **with** me and not at me.

    4. What do you most enjoy about your new product?

    Product Dashboard – step by step and a BIG Picture overview all in the one package. Othres will offer stuff that is good but it can be difficult to see where it fits in…

    5. Describe in detail a specific experience with us that you were happy with:

    See question 2.

    6. How can we improve our products or customer service?

    I’m not sure. I have some suggestions below.

    I often reflect on the “Game “,as you call it Marlon, and apply my visioning skills to looking ahead and what is coming for the IM Industry(?). I see the proliferation of launches and the constant tension created thru building interest in product after product after must be wearisome for the players. I am wearied by it. 4 yrs and I feel I’ve served a very haphazzrd apprenticeship. No debts but not a great deal of success.

    I think sometimes the only reason people see the IM game as a great thing to be a part of is because someone conviced them of this in a sales letter…and if they keep reading enough sales letters…trying enough “trial months”…buying the odd product yada yada. I see the IM Game the world economy (RIP), pumped up and fueled by unsubstatial things. : hot air – maybe’s — if only’s – risk passing; controlled by selective and embelished information release or fabrication.

    I see some IM names on products and I instantly blat my hard drive and take a shower – such is the emotional impact on me. I want no contamination! [I’m sure we could swap names.] NL

    And then there are the Marlons of the league. Seen it all, created the product and sold it for a realistic price, supported it forever.

    How can you Improve..?

    Stay true to your principles and challenge youself to create **industry standards** and evergreen products.

    IMO…You never come alive so much MS as when you have the scent of an industry first in your nostrils. This I’m sure comes about because of your 360 degree vision and history in the game. When you’re working on something fresh…[Red, GDdash,]..your *Voice* is vibrant and energised; the content original, authentic, relevant — essential. That ability to take what is happening around you and see where it’s heading is amazing.

    So, trying to “”compete”” with the others isn’t imo, your bag. Competition (defn) “..being the same as…”. That is clearly not you. You are not the same as. Please continue to act accordingly.

    Great Themes / Dilemmas to Challenge you:

    Legacy to the industry
    Codes of Conduct

    Easy Video Producer

    Easy Social-Marketing Dashboard

    Look globally at where we are heading and extrapolate to the online world.

    Some products geared to those in the industry who need to be challenged from outside the IM industry to remian fresh and re-charged — almost a consultant to the im industry.

    ## Makle products from these ##

    So long for now..


    PS: No need to send the 2006 transcript – I have so many notes from that call. You were in fine form.

  12. avatar Doc Gero on May 2nd, 2009

    Thus far I have purchased two products, viz., Info Products and Design Dashboards.

    I purchased my two products because of the quality of the information and step by step demonstrations which allow be to not be bogged down with the do nothing, go nowhere techniques other systems have provided. I’m not only sold, I’m on my way. Thanks Marlon.

  13. avatar Chuck McCall on May 29th, 2009

    Hi Marlon,
    I am on my third day of training and studying of your Info-Product Dashboard and there cannot be enough said for those who distribute “Valuable Content”. What a Great Product! Priceless!

    I appreciate all the time, research and energy that you put into this product you have made it Fun and Exciting.

  14. avatar Roy on June 15th, 2009

    Hi Marlon,

    I particularly like the example emails you provide for contacting experts in order to get interviews.

    Your advice on finding those experts is also great!

    Best regards

  15. avatar David on June 23rd, 2009

    I was dabbling on affiliate marketing first, but when it became obvious that I had to now create my own products the Info Dashboard was the way to go. I had never bought from Marlon before, but after buying and taking a peak at it I know I will in the future.
    Thanks for a great product, it keeps you focus which is one of the biggest traps in business specially in Internet Marketing because there are so many people promising so many things at lightning speed.

  16. avatar Mike on September 23rd, 2009

    Hi Marlon

    This is the first time I have bought any of your products.

    I purchased PromoDash Board because I wanted a simple and systematic way to create my own product.PromoDash Board provides a proven systematic plan to do so.

    I am still working my way through the modules. As
    I continue to do so,utilising the resources you provide, I see the product being created very soon.



  17. avatar Denise Jean on December 13th, 2009

    Hi, Mr.Sanders, I bought this product of desighn dashboard plus and Im very satisfied with it,especialy for a newbee like me it explain all that we need to do in no time,Im very gratefull having it,without it I dont think I could manage to build my own website cause there so many things to learning and to make it so easy for us to understand your a genius and the best of them all that Ive tried beleive,hope you continue making a lot more like these,its a must for all newbees and advance it save a lot of work and time.

  18. avatar Patricia on December 14th, 2009

    I’ve purchased 3 of Marlon’s products so far. Initially I purchased those including the Info Product Dashboard because I trust that Marlon can, and will, get me to where I want to be based on free but very helpful information or he has so graciously shared in the past.

    As far as Tim, the Customer Service guy goes, he was very helpful and not at all pushy by trying to sell me one of everything like some places do, so based on the trust I have in Marlon, and the way I was treated when I did have questions before I ordered, I did purchase 3 items and will probably be buying more if necessary, although that remains to be seen since the Dashboards I purchased cover so much.

    With the Product Dashboard, I see that I will be able to get beyond the hurdles that held me up so long in the past that I gave up on Info Products and switched gears. But once I launch the existing thing I’m working on which should be very soon,time will tell if it’s going to be a barn-burner or not, so while I’m waiting to see, I believe I have exactly everything I will need now with those Dashboards to proceed even faster since I know some things already.

    But, if I get stuck like I have in the past,everything is right there in front of me now just waiting for me to complete one step so I can go on to the next without worrying about whether or not I’m spinning my wheeels.

    I just can’t tell you what I like about Marlon and his products most, but I really enjoy his videos regardless of whether or not they consist of stick figures, or him in person because they are always informative and easy to understand, therefore very helpful in some way, shape, form or fashion.

    I believe what I enjoyed most was something he sent recently telling us how to go to just a basic business and drill down until we could come up with an idea for a product if we didn’t already have one, or a clue as to where we could get one.

    I believe the only way he could improve anything is to just offer more videos because I am a visual learner, plus I am really burnt out when it comes to reading.

    I believe about the only thing I don’t like about Marlon is that he doesn’t offer a affordable, mini-session of maybe a 15 minutes…alone with him…for us who are just starting out so he can see what we may have already been working on before we bought from him so we will know if that existing idea needs to scrapped,or not.

    I for one have been working on something and changing it over and over for over 2 years, and while I truly believe it will be a money-maker, his expert opionion would help me decide what to do…now… especially since it’s geared toward the off-line community.

    But, in a nutshell, I see that Marlon is not only very helpful, but very knowledgable and entertaining, and I feel that he really cares that his students succeed which means so much to me in particular so I would definitely recommend him and his products to others.

    Oh, besides all that, the Bonuses he offers are always worth waaaaay more than the purchase price of any item, and when you can listen in on calls with his students, he practically bends over backwards as he encourages them to ask him questions so they will succeed.

    Considering all the above, what more could anyone ask for?

  19. avatar didier bertrand on January 16th, 2010

    Hi Marlon,

    I’m very impressed with Marlon Products. He’s professional, intelligent, intuitive, and has a great work ethic.

    I have 4 Marlon products :

    * Push Button Letters
    * The Promo Dashboard
    * The Info-Product Dashboard
    * The Design Dashboard

    Buy them now… TODAY !

    You will not be disappointed !

    Didier from France

  20. avatar KarenKramer on January 16th, 2010


    Muuwhaa! You the greatest!

    Thank you so much for my prize from your PromoDashboard contest.

    I am so happy I choose Info-Product Dashboard, it’s exactly what I need to jumpstart my move from being an affiliate marketer to creating my own products and of course your step-by-step method makes it easy even for this old grandma.. LOL


  21. avatar Sylvie Kuhne on January 27th, 2010

    Hi! although I live in Japan, I got up early to be at my desk at 7 AM to get support with the CHAT LINE and thanks to Tim, things are now working – I am keeping my fingers crossed. I might be able to leave a testimonial, now that I can try the product! Seriously, problems happen but I am glad that there was technical support online to make things work. Thanks a lot.
    Marlon wrote he’s send a bonus,
    “I’d appreciate your comments. And, just for taking a few moments of your time to add your comments to my blog, I’ll send you a bonus gift as a token of my appreciation.”
    I am looking forward to it. Thanks a lot in advance!

  22. avatar Brennan Kingsland on February 3rd, 2010

    WOW! Marlon,

    I loved the Design Dashboard and the Marketing Dashboard – now, the Info-Product Dashboard delivers the same quality of valuable information.

    One of the things I LUV about your dashboards is that they tell me step-by-step how to do the things I know I’m supposed to do, but don’t know how to do.

    Even more importantly, they tell me how to do the things to do that I HAD NO IDEA I even needed to do . . .

    By studying and using your dashboards, anybody can become an expert at Design, Marketing, Product Creation, etc.

    There’s no need to chase all those offers that come though my inbox daily. Your dashboards contain EVERYTHING from A to Z.

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    Your friend and fan,

  23. avatar Devin on April 1st, 2010

    I’m so glad I found you otherwise I would have been still been confused and lost. I have purchased three of your products, and have learned SO much from them I can’t thank you enough. I also take advantage of your freebies that you offer. Everything you produce and create has so much value.

    You really teach people how to market and not all the other baloney people are bombarded with. because of you I am moving into this marketing business with confidence.

  24. avatar Timothy on April 7th, 2010

    I have tried a lot of products over the years but they all left out something and some were not very easy to use. Marlons infoproduct dashboard is great! It is easy, it leaves nothing out. Marlon tells it just like it is. I don’t have a lot of money to spend right now but Marlon shows how to get things done as cost efficiently as possible. This product is well worth the money I paid and more. Thanks Marlon.

  25. avatar Bill Jermyn on April 7th, 2010

    Boy I’m late getting started with this looking at the dates of the other respondents. I like what I am dealing with, although I have just started. I am not even through the first week yet. I want to thank you for all the help so far at this cost.

    I have yet to really find the niche market which has interest in me AND money to spend, but as I follow your directions I am certain I will get there. I am looking forward to the time when I have some websites up and can become the internet marketer and affiliate I am looking forward to being.

    Thank you.

  26. avatar Peter on June 17th, 2010

    I purchased Info Product dashboard 10 days ago and have completed two interviews. To be honest after the interviews, I can use the material for help writing an ebook but would never put music to them as they do not flow properly, either because of me or the person interviewed. The material is excellent and will incorporate it with Writers Secret to get my product. I hope to finish the 6 week tutorial in 4 weeks but had been writing ezine articles previously.

    Thank you,


  27. avatar Peter on June 17th, 2010


    I have purchased three products from you and customer service provided by Tim is excellent.
    Comments on Info Dasboard have been left previously.



  28. avatar Greg on August 2nd, 2010

    I bought Info Product Dashboard and liked it so much I went an purchased Promo Product Dashboard. Excellent information – one part saved me $300.

  29. avatar joe on August 11th, 2010

    This is a really great program for anyone looking to start a online business. I just purchased the info-product-dashboard, and I got to say that it’s perfect for the newbie marketer. It takes you step by step thru the whole process of developing a product to getting your site up and running. I highly recommend it to anyone just starting out.

  30. avatar Sye on August 24th, 2010

    Hey Marlon.

    I am about half way through the info product dashboard and so far it is good. It gives very clear instructions and it has got me doing some things I didn’t consider, which I’m sure are making a difference. Thanks Marlon!


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