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"How I Discovered The 11
Greatest Repeatable
Marketing Formulas Of All Time"

One Time and One Time Only I Revealed My
11 Greatest All-Time Formulas ....In An
Incredible 3 1/2 Hour Pre-Recorded
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If you don't love it, you don't pay one cottin' pickin'
dime -- and you can tell me to shove it where
the sun don't shine

From: Marlon Sanders
RE: The 11 Greatest Repeatable Marketing Formulas


Marlon here.

On Saturday, August 4th at 3 p.m. CST I revealed the 11 greatest repeatable marketing formulas of all time.

Either you get 10X your money's worth or you don't pay me one cottin' pickin' dime and you can tell me to shove it where sun don't shine.

After buying and studying over 3,000 books, spending $10,000 to $30,000 per year on courses, books and training, selling millions of dollars online, getting millions of visitors to my websites (as publicly chronicled in my ebook at, I'm finally revealing my 11 greatest repeatable marketing and money formulas of all time.

See, the Amazing Formula That Sells Products Like Crazy was only ONE Formula. But on this one time only event, I'm revealing all 11.

Here Are 11 Facts About The Event

Fact 1: I sharedthe cream of the crop Formulas. These are the best-of-the-best I've discovered since starting in direct response marketing in 1978, and being full time since 1996 in speaking, writing, direct response and online marketing.

Fact 2: These are ideas I feel compelled to share before it's too late. Some of these Formulas I've never revealed openly before...some are esoteric and not really known or understand much at all, if any. Which means to you that if you know and use them, you have a huge marketing advantage over others not in the know, who weren't willing to pay the price for success, the price of getting specialized knowledge as Napoleon Hill wrote about in Think and Grow Rich.

Fact 3: This event was live so people asked questions and I answered. You won't be sitting there stuck with questions in your head.

Fact 4: You'll find out HOW I've been able to run an Evergreen Business when others haven't. The list of "gurus" who were hot today and gone tomorrow could fill up a phone book. Why? Because they have a repeatable formula that dies on the vine FAST. And you get stuck there having forked over your cash, your time, your investment to have to have it go to hades in a handbasket. How does that make you feel? Are you ready to go Evergreen?

Fact 5: Many modern-day "gurus" attended our early seminars. You can see my vintage video from one of these seminars in 1997 at Many modern-day "gurus" attended those events and were trained by myself, Jonathan Mizel and none other than Declan Dunn. Which means you get real info straight from the horse's mouth, not a rehashed, watered down version. There's a price to be paid the genuine article. Cheap imitations are just that. Cheap and imitations.

Fact 6: I teach the truth, not just what "pitches good." Unfortunately, some people out there just want to buy what sounds good, easy, and quick. Which means it isn't Evergreen and stops working shortly after they buy it if it ever worked.

Fact 7: The most costly information isn't the cheapest. The costliest information is the wrong information. Anyone can write a PDF and sell it for 7 bucks. More power to 'em. Everyone has to get their start. But do you want to bet your future on 7 dollar information by someone who has been in the biz only a year or two and maybe only making a few thousand dollars a month? In the end, is THAT information cheap or expensive?

Fact 8: I'll teach you how to build on solid ground and not quicksand. I don't teach here today, gone tomorrow stuff. It's a waste of time and money. 90% of that stuff won't work a year from now. One year from today you can be closer to your goals or you can be drowning in a sea of outdated logins and pdf's. Where do YOU want to be one year from now?

Fact 9: You risk nothing other than your time. Attend this event. If it's not worth every dime, you can keep your money and tell me to shove it where the sun don't shine. At the END of the event, I'll tell you how to cancel your billing so you aren't charged a penny. You do need to attend the entire event which will be likely be 2-3 hours. I can't predict the exact length because I don't know the questions we'll have.

Fact 10: I have a support desk and live chat You aren't stuck with an email address with us. I have a support desk here and also live chat most of the day, except when Lisa is at lunch, on break or making a video for our products.

Fact 11: If you decide to pay, you get an awesome written PDF of my 12-step Copy Formula This is an in-depth PDF explaining step-by-step what to do and say and exactly how to do it. This is the one Formula I'm most famous for.

Fact 12: I've added a "cost eraser" $500 bonus I've ADDED a new COST ERASE by giving you 100% profits on one of my products for one year. It sells for $27.00, so 4 sales and your event is paid for. You get 100% commissions on this product for one year. This is a current product I just created and sold this year.

Formula 1: The Guru Creation Formula

  • How do you start from scratch and become a "guru"?
  • How do you gain respect?
  • Can you become a guru WITHOUT doing product launches?
  • Where to get the guru training book hardly anyone knows about

Formula 2: My Famous 12-Step Sales Letter Formula

  • You get an in-depth PDF that breaks it down
  • You get access to the full version of my vintage 1997 video
  • Get a tested, proven formula that has sold millions of dollars online

Formula 3: The List-Building Formula

  • We know the money is in the list. Here's HOW I built my list from scratch
  • In one month in the past year I put over 6,000 names on my list with this formula
  • Solo ads, OTO's, opt ins, squeeze pages -- all the secrets worth knowing

Formula 4: The Advertising Formula

  • The one secret that unleashes unlimited advertising budgets
  • Just this one secret could easily and finally put you WAY over the top
  • Fact: This formula HAS created millionaires. That's the truth.

Formula 5: The Single Most Important Sales Formula Ever

  • I constantly refer to this 5-part formula.
  • You've NOT heard other "gurus" teach this.
  • It's oddly enough based on research with corn farmers in the 1950's
  • Just this formula is worth 10x the price of this seminar because in only one formula you can predict the success or failure of other people's campaigns -- AND your own

Formula 6: My own personal multi-million visitor traffic formula that is Evergreen and has worked since 1997

  • Fact: My websites have had millions of visitors from around the world
  • Fact: In the past year I've had a site in the top 5,000 of Alexa
  • Fact: YOU can use this formula and it works in non IM markets

Formula 7: The "front-end" marketing formula

  • No front-end product that sells = no fun, no money and no rewards
  • This is NOT something you'll read in a $7 wso

  • If you don't get this right, you can pack it in

Formula 8: The "back-end" marketing formula

  • Man cannot live by front end alone
  • Here's one killer secret that has worked on the "back end" for me and it's really easy
  • What some of my millionaire friends are doing on the back end right now that you can steal

Formula 9: The Single Most Important Sales Formula Ever

  • The one secret that unleashes unlimited advertising budgets
  • Just this one secret could easily and finally put you WAY over the top
  • Fact: This formula HAS created millionaires. That's the truth.

Formula 10: The Passive Income Formula

  • 100% passive income doesn't exist but this is as close as it gets
  • How I get a check for roughly $4,000 to $5750 monthly
  • How to generate passive income without working -- what I personally do

Formula 11: My all time 10 best marketing books ever

If that isn't enough to get you 10X your money's worth, I'm adding in some special bonuses:

Bonus 1: Get My Event Free**!

I wanted this to be a 100% no-questions-about-it-win. So I'm giving you my cost eraser bonus -- You get 100% commissions on a $27 product I created this year called Swagbox7. It gives the secrets I learned from observing my superstar, top affiliates over the years.

People like Connie Green, Russ Brunson, Jim Edwards, Allan Gardyne, Matt Gill and many others. For one year, you get to keep 100% of the commissions. **Just 4 sales and your whole entire event was FREE. It cost you NOTHING net. Just a little forum signature could make you 4 sales in a year.

Bonus 2: Get My Full Vintage Video

This is my "candy stick" speech for the 12-step copywriting formula I invented...I've given this speech 120 times around the world.

Many people have privately told me they wrote letters with it that kicked #)$%*. You get the full video from my 1997 event, courtesy of Jonathan Mizel who gave mer permission to offer this to you.

Imagine getting the REAL formula and not a rehashed, watered down version. Now, hundreds of people rehashed and taught this formula. In the process it gets diluted and watered down. Get the REAL formula as it was originally taught.

Bonus 3: My Email Life Saver

I call our Push Button Format software the email life saver. I can write emails simply and easily in a text editor and with ONE click format them perfectly to 72 characters a line which is how they need to be sent.

I've seen other formatters but they all require a great deal of time-consuming, eye-straining mucking around to actually get a deliverable email.

With Push Button Format, it's one click. This saves so much time and eye-strain it's ridiculous. You get 1 year access.


A lifetime of secrets in one never-to-be-forgotten event. No man has a lease on life. One day you walk out the door and you never come back. One day I'll write my last email ever, my last ezine ever. These are the 11 formulas I MUST tell you, my loyal faithful, devoted customers about, literally before it's TOO late.

Most people don't do anything wrong. They don't do anything and that's what is wrong. The most expensive products you'll ever buy are the ones that give you WRONG information. Save time. Get the real story from the real deal.

This will be an amazing, potentially life changing event. Here's all you need to do to get on it.

Click the button below, and enter your payment info. You will NOT be charged until 2 days after the event. At the end of the event, I'll give instructions on how NOT to be charged in the unlikely event you feel it wasn't worth your time and money. Yes this DOES apply to the recorded version.

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You will NOT be charged for 48 hours after ordering. Pay ONLY if you feel it was amazing information.

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Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders

P.S. This is the last chance to get it on the free preview. When it's gone it'll be too late.

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