Marlon was an early leader in the Internet marketing industry.

Here’s one element of Marlon’s PROOF of a rich heritage in this business and contribution to the core methods of Internet marketing taught today.  It has been said that to be an expert on a topic, you need 10,000 hours of experience. Here is vintage video from 1997 of Marlon in action teaching the 12-step copywriting formula he developed and taught around the world.

This is the same Summit that was attended by the legendary Corey Rudl, Jeff Walker (he was on panels there), Yanik Silver, Jim Edwards, Ken McCarthy  and many other modern day teachers of Internet marketing.

If you are a guru, personality or substantial list owner in the Internet marketing industry and want to mail my complete copywriting speech from 1997 to your list, let me know.  You’ll find 1/2 of the speech on the Vintage Video tab.  But if you want to email the full speech, I have a SECRET link — without or without an opt in — with or without an affiliate link.  Post to my support desk at or drop me a note on my Facebook Wall.

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